You Won’t Believe How Many Calories Are in KFC’s Newest Menu Item


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Your favorite southern-style fast-food tycoon just released one of their trendiest temporary menu items yet: Pickle Fried Chicken.

No, we don’t expect KFC to offer us diet-friendly southern delicacies (do such a thing exist?). But this new soaked chicken sandwich will definitely break your calorie bank. We’re talking cost-you-the-amount-of-calories you should be eating in one day bad.

KFC announced the release of their Pickle Fried Chicken sandwiches which will be available at participating locations starting June 25. If you’re a pickle fanatic, act quickly: these locations will only serve the sandwiches as long as they have the initial shipment of ingredients.

“Once it’s gone, it’s gone for good,” KFC said.

It’s not the first time they’ve stepped outside the box

KFC experimented with a Nashville Hot-style fried chicken in 2015 and popcorn nuggets the same year. The Nashville Hot Chicken became a restaurant staple and is available today in the form of tenders, Extra Crispy chicken, and Chicken Littles. One tender alone will cost you a staggering 220 calories (there are 6 tenders in an average order).

They created the sandwich as a result of public demand

A KFC representative told People that their customers actually inspired the new menu item. Rather than top each sandwich with more pickles, KFC decided to create a sauce based on dill and vinegar flavors. These juices combined with extra hints of garlic, buttermilk, onion, and pepper, created the new pickle-fried sauce that the brand is releasing for a limited time only.

The sandwich is actually a hybrid of their signature 11-spice fried chicken in the new pickle-juice-based sauce. The “Pickle Fried Chicken” will be available in the form of Extra Crispy Tenders, Chicken Littles, the Crispy Colonel Sandwich, and the ever-popular Extra Crispy Chicken.

It’ll put a dent in your calorie count, that’s for sure

KFC Restaurants

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The Extra Crispy chicken breast alone will run you over 600 calories a serving and nearly 1,200 mg of sodium. Your daily recommended sodium intake is around 1,500 mg — just a heads up.

If you opt to try the new pickle-fried chicken tenders, it’s a whole new ball game. A 12-piece order of the tenders will run you over 3,000 calories, while a six-piece will fulfill the average recommended daily calorie intake.

KFC isn’t stopping with the Pickle Fried Chicken, either. The promotion includes the opportunity for fans to win a limited-edition KFC Colonel Sanders floatie. Toss your dreams of floating on a swan a la Taylor Swift aside and chill poolside atop a 7-foot inflatable man instead. It even has a special compartment for your new pickle-fried chicken bucket. Just saying.

One thing is for certain — KFC is attempting trendier items

It seems that avocado everything is out and pickle-flavored delicacies are in. Chick-fil-A famously tops each chicken sandwich with dill chips, and Sonic is releasing a pickle juice slushie for all the pickle juice brain freeze lovers out there.

The pickle trend actually has data to back it up: A 2016 report by Technavio, “Global Pickles Market 2016-2020,” found that the American pickle market was valued at $5.36 billion in 2015 and is expected to reach $6.70 billion by 2020.

Time will tell if KFC’s new Pickle Fried Chicken will last, but it sounds like it’s up to millennials to drop their matcha smoothies and clog their arteries to make it a permanent feature..


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