You’ll Be Surprised By How Many Children Of Celebrities Have Gotten Caught Smoking Weed

With weed increasing in popularity, it was only a matter of time before celebrities — or their children, rather — got caught with the drug. While most of these celebrity children grew up in the spotlight, a lot of them have also made a name for themselves throughout the years. And as it turns out, all of them have gotten caught with marijuana at least once.

Prince Harry

Prince Harry is smiling and in a dark suit.

Prince Harry went to rehab for a day. | Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images

Prince Harry, the well-known son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, caused a stir when he was 17 and admitted to drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. News outlets reported that the teen was sent to rehab for a day for his problem. Harry had publicly embarrassed the royal family, and some would say he’s always been its most reckless member. However, it’s clear that Harry has grown up since then.

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Malia Obama

She got a stern talking-to from her father. | Officialhiptv via Instagram

Any famous child would probably agree that growing up in the spotlight is not easy — just ask Malia Obama. Obama, 18 at the time, was caught apparently smoking marijuana at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago in 2016. Following the publication of the footage, Obama and her father, former president Barack Obama, were seen taking a stroll together on Martha’s Vineyard. We can only assume that Obama got a stern talking-to from her father. We’ll cut her some slack, though, because it can’t be easy being a president’s daughter.

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Cordell Broadus

Cordell Broadus “learned from the master.” | Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for HBO

You probably know Snoop Dogg — Cordell Broadus is his son. In a strange turn of events (but not a surprising one), Snoop Dogg has admitted that he and his son actually smoke weed together. “What better way to [learn] than from the master?” Snoop told The Hollywood Reporter in a 2012 interview. At the time, his son was only 15. Fast forward six years, and Snoop’s son is currently working toward a film degree at University of California, Los Angeles.

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Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner created a stir with this photo. | Kylie Jenner via Instagram

Daughter of famed Olympian, Bruce Jenner, and famed “momager,” Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner has been in the spotlight since she was nine years old. In summer 2017, Jenner posted a photo on Instagram that appeared to show her smoking marijuana in her bed. While some fans saw it as harmless, others questioned her character because so many of her followers are so young. Regardless, Jenner grew up quickly when she found out she was pregnant. Now, she’s gone from risqué Instagrammer to full-time mom.

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Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie (with Paris Hilton) had a very public wild phase. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Nicole Richie, the daughter of famous singer Lionel Richie, got arrested for a DUI back in 2006. After her arrest, Richie admitted to smoking marijuana and taking Vicodin, a prescription painkiller, prior to being pulled over. Calls came in to 911 after witnesses said they saw her car headed the wrong way on the freeway. The police later found her parked in the carpool lane. Despite the charges, Richie only spent 82 minutes in jail.

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Miley Cyrus

Singer Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus had a wild couple of years. | Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus, the daughter of country star Billy Ray Cyrus, rose to the top after she was cast as the main character on the Disney series Hannah Montana. However, Cyrus fell off the wagon briefly after the show ended, and she admitted to getting into drugs — especially marijuana. But the star got herself back on track, got back with her former fiancé, and appears to be doing well. Cyrus told Billboard Magazine that she stopped drinking and smoking weed because she wanted these years of her life to be “super clear and sharp.”

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Is marijuana here to stay?

Hand Holding Small Marijuana Leaf with Cannabis Plants in Background

People are more open about marijuana use than ever before. | OpenRangeStock/iStock/Getty Images

Over the past decade, the marijuana discussion has slowly become more and more prominent. While weed is nothing new, it has reached a new audience now that it’s been put in the government spotlight and states have begun to legalize it. So is it here to stay? The answer is probably.

The only reason that the movement to legalize weed would be derailed is if a study came out that absolutely proved it was bad for us. However, although weed does have negative side effects, many studies about it have been inconclusive and can’t solidify that it’s any worse than alcohol.

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