You’ll Never Believe the Most Unhealthy Habits of Donald Trump and Other Presidents

The leader of the free world should not only keep mentally healthy but also physically sharp while in office. However, being in tip-top shape may not always be achievable, especially in such a high-stress job.

Some presidents preferred to overeat, while others turned to smoking or drinking. Which presidents, including Donald Trump, have some of the unhealthiest habits? The president on page 6 may even surprise you.

1. Ronald Reagan

It is no secret that Ronald Reagan loved to be outdoors. And while enjoying the great outdoors may help you get in shape, you are also at risk for skin cancer if you aren’t careful. Unfortunately, Reagan seemed to skip the sunscreen and ended up battling skin cancer. He had several cancerous spots on his skin, specifically on his nose, according to The New York Times.

2. Martin Van Buren

Van Buren was a notorious drinker. | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Martin Van Buren drank so much whiskey he earned the nickname, “Blue Whiskey Van,” according to History. Historians believe his obsessive drinking led to a number of chronic illnesses. Which included cardiac issues and asthma. Van Buren also developed gout and was obese, likely from over-consumption. He ultimately died after slipping into a coma, most likely from a string of chronic illnesses.

3. Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford was fond of pipe smoking, according to He was so addicted to smoking his pipe, he’d have up to 10 bowls a day. Although some pipe smokers think their habit is less dangerous than smoking cigarettes, this certainly isn’t the case, according to WebMD. Pipe and cigar smokers who indulge regularly are almost 10 times more likely to die from mouth cancer and oral cancers.

4. George W. Bush

George W. Bush loved to drink and chase women, according to Newsweek. As a young man, Bush loved whiskey and enjoyed using “colorful language” too, which often annoyed his mother. He admits he was irresponsible in his youth, but later cleaned up his act. After his presidency, Bush took up painting, which is one of his passions.

5. Donald Trump

Donald Trump eating KFC

Donald Trump eating KFC | Donald Trump via Twitter

It is no secret that Donald Trump loves fast food and soda. Even though he doesn’t drink alcohol, Trump has a serious Diet Coke habit. He can supposedly drink up to 12 cans of Diet Coke per day, according to Fortune. He also loves his steak very well done, which can be carcinogenic.

6. Barack Obama

Although passed his presidential physicals with flying colors, Barack Obama had one secret vice, according to Time. Apparently, the former president was a smoker. He tried to quit by chewing Nicorette gum. But he struggled with his addiction throughout his presidency.

7. Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton didn’t meet a meal he didn’t like when he was president. Clinton often dined on anything from McDonald’s to fried chicken during his presidency, according to The Huffington Post. However, after he left office, Clinton experienced a number of cardiac issues, which eventually led to him adopting a new lifestyle. He had a quadruple bypass and became a vegan, which prompted him to drop a significant amount of weight and improve his health.

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