You’ll Never Believe Which Foods in Your Pantry Would Make You Fail a Drug Test

Some companies drug test their job applicants, which is typically no big deal for most people. Although the strongest drug you may have in your system is your morning espresso, some foods ( and even common medications) can make a drug test come back with a positive result.

Which foods in your pantry, can throw a drug test? You won’t believe what researchers said about the food on page 5 could do.

1. Tea

Pouring tea from vintage teapot to the cup, English Tea Time.

Cocoa tea should be avoided pre drug test. | Artfully79/iStock/Getty Images 

Drinking cocoa tea within 36 hours of taking a drug test can return a positive result for cocaine, according to Live Science. One study showed that it only took about two hours for participants to test positive after consuming the tea.

Next: Hold the tonic if you are having gin.

2. Skip the tonic with your G&T

Gin and tonic

Tonic water | voloshin311/iStock/Getty Images 

Tonic water usually has quinine in it, which is often mixed with illegal drugs, Live Science reports. Even when mixed with other beverages, study participants who drank tonic water returned with a positive result for quinine.

Next: This is a well-known offender.

3. Choose a plain bagel


Plain bagels are a better option in this case. |

Poppy seeds, often coated on bagels and sushi may produce a positive drug test result for morphine and codeine. It only takes about two hours after consuming poppy seeds to have a positive test result.

Next: These are found in some granola bars.

4. Oil, seeds, and milk may contain these

Yes, even the seeds can be dangerous. |

Hemp seeds infused in oil or milk may give you a positive result for THC, according to NaturalOn. THC, found in marijuana is stored in body fat and may produce a positive test result for up to 30 days after consuming them.

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5. Yeasty foods could cause this

Chicken fajita pizza with peppers and garlic dip

Yeast heavy foods could skew the drug test results. | Bartosz Luczak/iStock/Getty Images 

Oddly enough, you could possibly fail a breathalyzer test after consuming yeasty foods, according to BBC. Yeast ferments sugars into alcohol, which is why your test result could possibly be positive.

Next: Watch your supplements.

6. This common supplement can be an issue


B vitamins may be the culprit. | Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Some B vitamins can possibly make you test positive for THC. B2 or riboflavin is especially concerning, so hold the supplements before you need to take a drug test.

Next: Be careful about common medications in your medicine cabinet too.

7. It isn’t just food

Cough syrup

Even medications can lead to a faulty result. | SteveMcsweeny/Getty Images

Common medication can also deliver a positive drug test result. Taking ibuprofen, cough suppressants, or diet pills can cause you to test positive for drugs like PCP or THC, according to The Doctors.

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