You Probably Had No Idea Your Body Could Do These Bizarre Things

Your body has some incredible super powers. It can heal itself from illness, tell us when to sleep and when to eat, and even trigger critical fight or flight responses. So it should come as no surprise that your body can do so much more than you think.

If you knew how hard your body and all its systems worked every day, you’d probably treat it better. Here are a few amazingly bizarre things the human body is capable of.

Your nose has a great memory

A man's nose against a blue sky.

The reason why so many scents are memorable to you. |

Have you ever walked into a room that just smelled familiar? That’s probably because your nose can remember up to 50,000 scents.

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Women are born the better smellers

Young girl closes her nose with her fingers

Women can smell things a lot better than men. | VladimirFLoyd/Getty Images

It’s true. Women are born better smellers than men, and they stay that way for life.

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Men burn fat faster

A man focuses during a group spin class.

This also explains why men lose weight much faster. |

If it seems like the men in your life lose weight faster than women, that’s because men burn fat faster than women by a rate of about 50 calories per day. Many women would be happy to swap super powers.

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You have the ability to lose weight while you sleep

A man sleeping soundly in his bedroom.

This is why the scale shows much lower numbers in the morning. | Minerva Studio/Getty Images

Sleeping may feel restful, but for your body, it’s an opportunity to shed pounds. With each breath you take while you’re asleep, you emit water vapor that can contribute to a lower weight. It’s all water weight, of course, but that’s why it’s best to weigh yourself first thing in the morning.

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Certain sounds can cause your pupils to dilate

A close up of a young woman's dark eye.

Certain sounds affect your senses. | Jean-philippe Wallet/Getty Images

Our pupils dilate if we listen to music that has a big emotional effect on us. And, if you listen to your “happy songs” while you study, you may retain more information.

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Your tongue is your body’s strongest muscle

A woman sticking out her tongue.

Your tongue is much stronger than you’d think. | Utkamandarinka/iStock/Getty Images

It’s true. There is no muscle in your body that’s stronger than your tongue.

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Your body sheds hair daily

A man inspects his hair.

You might notice hair in your drain each day. | Manuel-F-O/Getty Images

Every day, the human body sheds about 60-100 strands of hair. You may only notice this if you have long locks.

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Millions of your cells are dying right now

Mature woman applying moisturizer to her skin in a mirror.

Your body is constantly renewing your cells. | Studiokovac/iStock/Getty Images

Every minute of your life, about 300 million cells in your body die. But don’t worry: Your body produces 300 billion new ones each day.

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Your body can survive without food for over two weeks

A woman eats pizza in a restaurant.

Your body relies on water much more than food. | M-imagephotography/iStock/Getty Images

The human body can survive about 20 days without food. Water is much more vital–you’ll die in about two days without it.

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Your skeleton renews itself every 10 years

Skeletons lined up in a row inside a classroom.

A fun fact about your skeleton! | Martin/Fox Photos/Getty Images

The skeleton is self-renewing. This means that ever 10 years, you will have grown a brand new one.

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Your feet sweat … a lot

Female feet standing on acupressure mat.

Are your feet a little sweaty? Don’t worry — It’s normal! | Sasha_Suzi/iStock/Getty Images

Human feet have about 500,000 sweat glands. This means they can produce more than a pint of sweat every day.

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Your achy joints actually can predict the weather

An elderly person reaches for pills inside a container.

Painful joints aren’t ideal … but they might be able to predict the weather. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Some people’s aching joints are actually great predictors of the weather. The atmospheric pressure drops when a storm front moves in, and major joints’ sensory nerve endings can register the increase in joint fluid pressure. This explains the “psychic joint” phenomenon.

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Your heart rate can predict the future

A man checks his heart rate in a watch.

Your heart rate may be trying to tell you something. |

Findings from a recent study show that some people’s hearts can anticipate certain events with no cues. Subjects were shown a series of images in an unpredictable order. Researchers discovered a quickened heart rate as much as 10 seconds before the presentation of a stimulating image, suggesting that hearts can sense when something thrilling or disturbing is about to happen.

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Your pupils reveal when you’re in love

Young romantic couple hugging in bed.

Love might be doing crazy things to your eyes. |

When you’re in love with someone, your pupils tend to dilate when you see the person. The sympathetic nervous system, which controls pupil dilation, is to blame.

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Your hearing is less sharp after a big meal

A group of friends enjoying a meal together.

Will you sacrifice your hearing for a belly full of good food? | Shironosov/iStock/Getty Images

If you eat a little too much, you won’t hear quite as well for awhile. If it seems like everyone is shouting after Thanksgiving dinner, this may be why.

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Your nose and ears never stop growing

Close-up of a human ear of a person with blond hair.

Some body parts just never stop growing. | B-d-s/iStock/Getty Images

Your eyes are always the same size from birth. Your nose and ears, however, grow throughout your life, with growth peaking in seven year cycles.

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