Your Car Is Full of Gross Germs (And It Could Be Making You Sick)

You’d think your car would be fairly free of germs. But just like your own home, your car can make you sick, too. So, grab your Lysol wipes and a shop vac, and learn about the ways your car could be making you sick. You can even get MRSA from one place in your car (page 10).

1. Steering wheel

Man cleaning his steering wheel
Clean your steering wheel. | AndreyPopov/Getty Images

This likely comes as no surprise, but the things hands contact the most are where you’ll find the most germs. And what do you touch more than the steering wheel? Norovirus germs and other gastrointestinal viruses are most commonly found on steering wheels, reports USA Today.

Next: People who drive stick are more prone to germs.

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