Your 10 Favorite Foods Could Disappear In the Next 30 Years

Take a second to picture your favorite food. Is it pizza? Guacamole? Apple pie? In one way or another, the foods you love the most might not last the rest of your lifetime. There are many things climate change could alter in our everyday lives, no matter where you live. Unfortunately, that might include our food.

Find out if your go-to food made the list — and do what you must to make sure it sticks around.

1. Peanut butter

Tasty peanut butter in a bowl

Could climate change kill off peanuts? | Alleko/

Climate changing is coming for your PB&J, the most nostalgic of all the sandwiches. Peanuts are just one of many plants that could suffer significantly if global temperatures and weather patterns continue to change over the next few decades.

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2. Avocados


This favorite is susceptible to drastic temperature changes. | Ilietus/iStock/Getty Images

Whether you love them or hate them, they’re the one fruit most people willingly reach for as often as possible. They’re so susceptible to drastic temperature changes, however, that Chipotle has already warned its customers guacamole might not remain on the menu forever.

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3. French fries

Homemade Parmesan Truffle French Fries

Sad, but true. |

They’re the saltiest, most satisfying fried side dish you can order — but you should enjoy them while you still can. Potato growers are worried that if global temperatures keep going up, they’ll run out of places to plant their crops.

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4. Beans

Baked Beans and Buns

Your favorite bean recipe may stop being useful. |

Appreciate your mom’s best chili recipe now, because you may have to make it without its core ingredient one day: beans. These fibrous, delicious plants don’t do well when the weather isn’t right. Too much or too little rain, as well as increasing temperatures could wipe them out.

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5. Bread

Toast bread

Even wheat may take a hit. |

We often forget that even the least healthy forms of bread on grocery store shelves start out as innocent wheat plants. Unfortunately, like many other plant-based foods, wheat might not survive the major changes Earth’s climate might endure in the decades to come.

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6. Rice

Basmati rice with a spoon on an dark wood

This staple could become a rarity. | Karisssa/iStock/Getty Images

This grain is a staple in many households around the world. While you might see it as a nice addition to your burrito bowl, plenty of people actually depend on rice to survive. That makes its possible future shortage — or total disappearance — all the more devastating.

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7. Salmon

Fresh salmon

This healthy dinner staple may become more uncommon. |

Fish and other sea creatures might not be prepared to handle the upcoming changes to the ocean’s climate. That means you might have to give up your love of salmon for something a little less fishy, even though it’s one of the most heart-healthy foods on the planet.

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8. Grapes (and grape juice … and wine)

Bunch of colorful grapes with leaves

Uh oh. | Karandaev/Getty Images

Wine drinkers, beware! That fermented grape juice you love so much might not stay on store shelves forever. Most vineyards survived the wildfires that swept through California in 2017, but they might not be as lucky next time extreme weather decides to throw a tantrum.

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9. Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate, but this may be one of the first foods to go. | Dizelen/iStock/Getty Images

Chocolate very well may be the best thing to ever come from a plant. That doesn’t protect it from climate change, though — or give you permission to eat as much of it as humanly possible before it’s gone. Cocoa production might start declining as soon as 2030. You might outlive it.

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10. Coffee beans

Roasted Coffee Bean

Could you survive without your daily cup of coffee? | Yaom/iStock/Getty Images

Could you survive even a day without caffeine? One day in the all-too-near future, you might have to. Coffee beans are at risk of being destroyed by a deadly plant fungus — they call it “coffee rust” — believed to have developed because of higher-than-usual temperatures.

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