You’re More Likely to Be Overweight If You Live in These U.S. States

A little less than half of new cancer diagnoses in the United States are related to obesity. Overweight and obesity affect approximately a third of Americans today. A person’s risk of developing devastating chronic conditions also increases along with their body mass index. You’re more likely to develop diabetes, high blood pressure, and even cancer the more you weigh.

If you live in one of the fattest states in America, you are more likely to be overweight or obese — or develop at least one obesity-related health condition. Here’s our ranking, based on findings from WalletHub and The State of Obesity (just wait till you see what state is No. 1).

15. Kansas

Kansas City skyline

Over 30% of Kansas’ population is considered obese. |

In 2016, 31.2% of adults in the state of Kansas were considered obese. About 30.9% of children in the state were either overweight or obese in the same year. About a third of adults in Kansas lived with high blood pressure in 2015.

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