You’re More Likely to Develop Dementia If You Live in 1 of These States

Dementia is a term used to describe a handful of health conditions with varying symptoms. You’re probably most familiar with memory loss, a common symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. Whether you’ve cared for a family member with this condition or you’ve only seen it on TV, you’re likely curious — or worried — about your chances of developing it.

Data over the decades reveal there are certain states where you’re more likely to develop dementia. In fact, there are 11 states that are concerning. Let’s take a quick look to find out if you live in one of them — and how to decrease your risk.

What are the biggest dementia risk factors?

an elderly couple drinking coffee together

Unfortunately, age is a risk factor you just can’t control. |

What puts you at higher risk — even if you eat right, exercise, and manage stress throughout your life? Healthline says both age and genetics majorly impact your risk. The older you are, the higher your chances of exhibiting symptoms — though middle-aged adults aren’t completely immune. If dementia runs in your family, you’re more likely to develop it, too. Unfortunately, where you live might also matter.

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