McDonald’s and 6 Other Companies Bid Farewell to GMOs

The number of companies reducing or abandoning the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in their products continues to grow.

GMOs are plant and animal products engineered by scientists to produce favorable physical characteristics, allowing for the consistent and widespread distribution of those ingredients to manufacturers. Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) monitors the safety and health of all GMO-sourced products, there is continued debate over whether such products might have long-term negative effects.

In the face of backlash against GMO-sourced ingredients, these seven major companies have removed GMOs from certain products, with some firms even promising to eliminate GMOs entirely in the coming years.

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1. Whole Foods

So far, Whole Foods the only national grocery chain to set a deadline for full in-store GMO transparency. The grocer has committed to labeling all of its food products as GMO-containing or GMO-free by 2018.

Currently, Whole Foods offers around 8,500 Non-GMO Project Verified products on its shelves. See the company website for more details.

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2. General Mills

Early in 2014, General Mills revamped the formula for its flagship cereal, Cheerios, to make it a completely GMO-free offering. Learn more about the company’s commitment to GMO-free Cheerios ingredients on its website.

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3. Ben & Jerry’s

These ice cream moguls have bid farewell to GMOs in all of their products. Notably, the company yanked the ever-popular Coffee Heath Bar Crunch flavor from shelves, updating and re-releasing a GMO-free version of the recipe called Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch.

Visit the Ben & Jerry’s website for a full list of its non-GMO flavors.


4. Post Cereal

In early 2014, Post released its non-GMO formula Grape-Nuts, which was verified by the Non-GMO Project. Additionally, Post Shredded Wheat and other wheat-based Post cereals are derived from wheat that is not genetically modified. The company expressed a wish to verify more of its brands as non-GMO in the coming months and years.

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5. Target

Since as early as 2013, Target’s Simply Balanced brand has offered a wide selection of GMO-free “wellness grocery items” — learn more about the philosophies of Simply Balanced on Target’s website. As of July 2014, NPR reported that about 80 of Target’s brand items were certified GMO-free.

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6. McDonald’s

This major corporation recently made a splash by stating that “McDonald’s USA does not source GMO potatoes, nor do we have current plans to change our sourcing practices,” reports the Idaho Statesman.

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7. Chipotle

In keeping with this fast-casual dining venue’s “food with integrity” mantra, Chipotle’s website says that the company’s goal is to ultimately eliminate GMOs from Chipotle ingredients once the availability of non-GMO alternatives has become greater. So far, the company has switched from GMO-sourced soybean oil to GMO-free sunflower oil on its fryers. The company currently voluntarily discloses which of its ingredients are GMO-sourced.

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