10 Recipes Brewing Up Delicious Desserts With Matcha

You already know the health benefits of matcha green tea, but did you know how handy (and delicious) this ingredient can be in the kitchen? Matcha’s bold green tea flavor offers up countless ways to create unique, Japanese-inspired sweets at home. Try any of these 10 recipes using matcha to satisfy your dessert cravings with the terrific taste of green tea.

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1. Perhaps you’ve tried Japanese mochi in the past, but do you know how that sticky sweet is made? The dish begins with sweet rice, which is then cooked and pounded into a smooth, flavorful paste, reports Japanese Cooking 101. Fearless Dining’s recipe for Matcha Green Tea Mochi infuses the chewy cakes with matcha green tea to create a richly-flavored dessert that your friends will love!

2. Keepin’ It Kind shares her brilliant recipe for Chocolate Matcha Butter Cups, noting how matcha powder blends “beautifully with the coconut butter to form a fudge-like matcha candy filling.” The incorporation of almond flour lends the dish a slightly nutty flavor, while a dash of matcha salt offers some saltiness to balance out the sweet candy taste. Let your cups firm up in the fridge for a while, then allow to sit at room temperature before serving. This method will result will be 8 soft, melt-in-your-mouth truffles.

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3. Oh How Civilized offers a step-by-step guide on transforming standard Italian tiramisu into a beautifully matcha-infused sweet. This Matchamisu lends dessert a triple-kick of matcha flavoring, combining matcha syrup, matcha cream, and matcha cake for a sophisticated dessert that will suit any palate. The recipe makes 10 miniature Matchamisu cups.

4. Green Tea Coconut Ice Cream is fresh, tasting vividly of green tea with just a hint of coconut,” writes Pastry Affair. Matcha Coconut Milk Ice Cream offers a delicate taste of matcha- and coconut-flavored goodness, while toasted almonds provide a delightful contrast to the blend. This recipe yields 1 quart of creamy, mild ice cream.

5. This Bread Pudding With Dark Chocolate And Matcha Powder redefines a dessert table classic. “The flavor of the green tea powder is subtle but blends really nicely with the touch of sweetness from the dark chocolate and egg batter,” writes Pickled Plum. This delicious and easy recipe will result in a bread pudding unlike any you’ve ever tasted!

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6. These Matcha Swirl Shortbread Cookies from Two Red Bowls are “not too sweet, but satisfyingly buttery, with just enough creamy green tea flavor to be subtle but unmistakable.” Although these cookies look especially delightful with their Dr. Seuss-like swirl, you can bypass the swirl method to save time and energy in the kitchen — without sacrificing on taste! Either way, your guests will love these buttery, matcha-tinged shortbread cookies.

7. If you’re crazy for cake desserts, then you’ll go especially wild for this luscious Matcha Cake Roll from Le Jus D’Orange. It’s a layered combination of moist Japanese matcha cake and rich whipped cream frosting, sure to satisfy even the most adventurous sweet tooth.

8. Little Market Kitchen says these Black Sesame and Matcha Buttercream Cookie Sandwiches are “sort of like an Oreo, only much, much better.” These crunchy cookies combine the subtle flavors of black sesame and sweet matcha buttercream, resulting in a snack you won’t be able to resist.

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9. Bring a “rich, yet not so sweet, decadent truffle-like green tea chocolate” to your table with Just One Cookbook’s piquant Matcha Fudge. White chocolate, butter, and heavy whipping cream ar offset by the intense flavors of matcha tea to culminate in an elegant dessert that your friends and family will adore. The recipe takes about 30 minutes to make and yields 36 pieces.

10. Add an element of fusion to your dessert repertoire with these Matcha Crepe Cakes from Miss Hangry Pants. Traditional French crepes are stacked alternately with layers of Japanese matcha frosting to create a “cake” tower. Try dusting the top with matcha powder for an added burst of green tea flavor in each bite!

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