12 Winning Recipes to Serve at Your Super Bowl Party

Football fans’ favorite time of the year — the Super Bowl —has finally arrived. When the big day comes, you’ll need Super Bowl-worthy foods to help you cheer your team to victory. From Cherry-Chipotle Wings to a Spicy Cheddar Cheese Football, we’ve compiled dishes that will appeal to all football fans — even those who have no interest in the Seahawks or Patriots. No Super Bowl party should be without these 12 winning recipes.

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1. Washington is well-known for its Dungeness Crab, meaning no Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl party should be without Tammy’s Two Cents’ Hot Dungeness Crab Dip. Filled with mayonnaise, artichoke hearts, crab meat, cheese, onion, parsley, and lemon, this rich and creamy dip will have football fans cheering!

2. If you’re looking for an amazing appetizer to serve your game-day guests, we suggest preparing Chip and Dip Chicken Skewers. Hungry Happening’s “thought it would be fun to put the chips, dip and chicken all together and put them on a stick, because people seem to have an affinity for food on a skewer.”

3. Thanks to Betty Crocker’s Patriotic Chex Mix, New England fans will have a delicious Patriots-themed snack to serve at their Super Bowl party. This sweet and crunchy treat contains dried blueberries and cranberries, sunflower seeds, white chocolate chips, Chex Mix, and blue and red candies.

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4. Our Best Bites delivers a Super Bowl snack that football fans can personalize based on their teams colors. Using Kool-Aid drink mix and the food coloring of your choosing, you can make Game Day Kool-Aid Candy Popcorn, a toothsome team-colored treat that will be the life of your game-day party.

5. Wings, combined with one of Washington’s top crops, cherries, creates a mouth-watering dish that all football fans will appreciate. Pots and Pans’ Cherry-Chipotle Wings are sweet and spicy and “will disappear as quickly as you put them out, so make more than you think you need!”

6. Food.com’s Super Bowl Nachos includes layers of tortilla chips, meat, veggies, cheese, fresh seasonings, and sauces. Feel free to substitute any of the called-for ingredients with your favorite toppings and garnishes!

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7. Better Homes and Gardens’ delivers Fudgy Football Brownies, a delicious game-day dessert that looks cute and tastes terrific. They’re a perfect way to satisfy your Super Bowl sweet tooth!

8. Looking to please Patriots fans’ palates? Today suggests preparing Chef Patrick Connolly’s Maine Lobster and Crab Nachos with Corn Tortillas, Smoked Bacon and Tartar Sauce. This game-day dish won’t disappoint.

9. Martha Stewart’s Mini Barbecue Meatball Sliders will take center stage at your Super Bowl party. Turkey meatballs are covered in a tangy barbecue sauce and placed on a party-size potato roll — this is football fare at its very finest!

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10. Pacific Salmon Chowder is a quintessential dish for a Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl party. Filled with rich and creamy flavors, The Seattle Times recipe, which was adapted from Beverly Cox and Martin Jacobs’s cookbook, Spirit of the Harvest: North American Indian Cooking, is a great way to kick-off a game-day get-together.

11. Enjoy your game-day food in football form by preparing Food Network’s Spicy Cheddar Cheese Football. Cream cheese, cheddar, romano, sour cream, hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce are mixed together to create this fabulous football fare.

12. Patriots fans would be remiss to not serve Hot Buttered Lobster Sandwiches at their Super Bowl get-together. About.com says these “sliders are the perfect fun-sized sandwiches to serve at a party… especially when the New England Patriots play!”

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