15 Unusual Uses for Coconut Oil Around Your Home

Coconut oil has spent its fair amount of time in the spotlight for being a health product of the moment. But do you really know all the ways this elixir can be used? With help from A Clean Bee, we take a look at 15 unusual uses for coconut oil around your home. (Page 8 may surprise you — it certainly surprised us!)

1. Works as an all-natural bug repellant

Putting coconut oil on the skin| belchonock/ iStock/ Getty Images

That’s right. While the oil itself isn’t going to chase mosquitoes away, there are in fact compounds in coconut oil that can act as a bug repellant. This concoction from CoconutOil.com pairs it with peppermint, lavender, and other essential oils to create a non-toxic formula.

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2. Works as leather polish

Leather samples | AntonMatveev/ iStock/ Getty Images

A little coconut oil can help clean and moisturize anything from leather shoes to leather purses to leather furniture, A Clean Bee says.

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3. Can be a dust repellent

cleaning furniture | mirsad sarajlic/ iStock/ Getty Images

Tired of dusting every other day? Coating wood furniture with a thin layer of coconut oil can help keep dust from collecting so quickly.

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4. Helps to unstick zippers

Close up hand holding bag zipper | small_andante/ iStock/ Getty Images

“Rub coconut oil on the zipper or chain near the problem area and voila – unstuck,” A Clean Bee tells us. This alone would get us to keep a jar of coconut oil in the closet next to all of our jackets.

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5. Removes labels from glass jars

Empty vintage mason jar| thawatpong/ iStock/ Getty Images

Is there anything more annoying than trying helplessly to get that pesky price sticker off the bottom of your glassware? Thankfully, mixing coconut oil with a little baking soda creates a substance that can remove said stickers if you let it sit for a few minutes.

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6. Greases hinges

Metal door hinge | Kitinut/ iStock/ Getty Images

Like with stuck zippers, some of this “magical” oil can also fix a stuck or squeaky door hinge. While any natural oil will work, The Pistachio Project points out coconut oil works best because it’s derived from a solid and therefore less messy.

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7. Extends the life of a cast iron skillet

Woman putting coconut oil into frying pan | belchonock/ iStock/ Getty Images

A Clean Bee suggests lathering your skillet up with coconut oil after giving it a good scrub and then letting it sit in a 250-degree oven for about 20 minutes to keep it looking new no matter how much you cook with it.

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8. Extends the shelf life of eggs

Fresh chicken eggs of different colors | Thomas Pajot/ iStock/ Getty Images

Skeptics be darned. One study shows that coating eggshells with oil can help increase their shelf life, help keep them from losing weight, and aid in preserving their internal quality.

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9. Adds a boost to the bath

coconut oil product | nadisja/ iStock/ Getty Images

You’ve probably heard before that coconut oil is supposed to be good for your skin. A Clean Bee suggests adding some to an Epsom salt bath. Just don’t add too much — you may get stuck in the bathtub like this lady.

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10. Battles undereye bags

Under eye treatment | IT Stock/ iStock/ Getty Images

Cold-pressed virgin coconut oil — which hasn’t been bleached or modified — has been found to help cell turnover, so massaging a little onto puffy or dark under eye areas may help. Just be careful not to get any in your eye.

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11. Doubles as a foot lotion

Foot treatment | RyanKing999/ iStock/ Getty Images

No need to shell out money for overpriced foot creams. Simply slather coconut oil on cracked heels and slip on some socks to get sandal-ready tootsies, A Clean Bee says. But the socks are a must — they’ll even keep your oily feet from slipping on the floor!

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12. Removes gum from hair

Young woman blowing bubble gum by the sea | Marjan_Apostolovic/ iStock/ Getty Images

Throw that whack peanut butter trick out the window. Use a little bit of coconut oil the next time this unfortunate mishap happens. (Although hopefully for your sake it doesn’t happen at all.)

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13. Softens dry cuticles

A woman showing off her nails | LightFieldStudios/ iStock/ Getty Images

Again — no need to empty out your wallet in between manicures to get some fancy cuticle elixir. Simply use a little bit of coconut oil to freshen up dry fingers. Just remember that less is more — or you could end up with greasy hands.

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14. Works as a makeup remover

Makeup remover | Voyagerix/ iStock/ Getty Images

Store-bought makeup removers have oily compounds to them, so why not use this natural remedy instead? Maybe try coconut oil and a cotton swab on a small part of your face first to make sure it doesn’t irritate your skin — and, over course, be careful taking off eye makeup.

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15. Adds to toothpaste

coconut oil toothpaste| nadisja/ iStock/ Getty Images

Whether having a coconut oil-based toothpaste actually tastes good is still up for debate. But according to LifeHacker, there are studies proving it’s a superior way to clean your teeth. We guess anything’s worth a try …

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