17 Savory Apple Dishes to Serve Friends and Family This Fall

Fall has arrived, and with it comes those beloved seasonal activities such as apple picking. It’s delightful to get out there and enjoy the autumn harvest up close — but oftentimes, apple pickers will end up with a heaping basketful of fruit in their kitchens (and more apple pie than they could ever dream of eating!). Rather than getting sick on tarts and turnovers, try spicing up your apple dishes this season with a bit of savory flavor.

Serve up these 17 savory apple dishes at home for a tantalizing taste of fall!

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1. My Blue and White Kitchen’s salad welcomes in autumn with seasonally appropriate flavors. While warm chevre and apples give the salad its distinct flavor, walnuts add an unforgettable crunch to finish the dish.

2. Transform your apples into a savory delight with just the right mix of fruit, veggies, and spices. Warm the family up by digging in to this soup from the Humble Plate, offering melt-in-your-mouth savory lentils for an autumn-appropriate lunch or dinner temptation.

3. Pork and apple are an all-star combination, beloved by sweet and savory eaters alike. In these Pork, Apple, and Fennel Sausage Rolls from Belly Rumbles, the addition of apple helps to lighten — and add dimension to — the savory flavors of pork and fennel.

4. Rutabagas are a cross between cabbage and turnip — the Kitchn describes this veggie as crisp, mild, and juicy. Combining rutabaga with apple in this Rutabaga-Apple Gratin from Craving Greens makes for a sensational blend of tart and sweet flavors. You’ll love how the gruyere, cheddar, and fresh thyme complement the savory in this dish.

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5. These Turkey, Apple, and Sage Meatballs from A Clean Bake are a mouthwatering way to use up all that ground turkey that’s been taking up space in your freezer. Try them over a bed of noodles — wheat, white, spaghetti squash, zucchini — and enjoy!

6. Onion and apple balance each other beautifully in this elegant frittata from the Laughing Table. Goat cheese offers the dish its creamy consistency, while the addition of rosemary infuses it with a delightfully herbed flavor.

7. Creamy, flavorful, and comforting — is it any wonder risotto is so popular in the colder months? We particularly love this Apple, Bacon, and Thyme variation from Cooking on the Front Burners. A dash of thyme lends this dish its unforgettable finishing touch.

8. The dynamic duo of apple and pork is too wonderful not to make our list twice. Try these Pork and Apple Pot Stickers from Yes To Yolks — they’re a great finger food for football watchers, but can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner as well. The little dumplings pack in loads of flavor with ginger, apple, and pork rounding out the mouthwatering taste.

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9. Lighten things up with the refreshing Kale, Apple, and Pancetta salad from Tablespoon. Tart apples complement savory pancetta to perfection, all atop a bed of nutrient-rich kale.

10. Creamy horseradish tops these Broiled Pork Chops, which are then charred to tender and juicy perfection. Spicie Foodie recommends serving them with freshly baked apples for a tangy complement to the dish.

11. As we phase out our beloved summertime fruit tarts, it’s time to welcome in the brisker weather with savory dishes like this sophisticated Brussels Sprout and Apple Tart With Walnut Pesto from Oh My Veggies. Yum!

12. We guarantee that Emerging Foodie’s Turkey Apple Chili is unlike any chili you’ve ever tried. In one bite, you’ll experience in the flavors of warm apple, mild veggies, turkey, and hearty black beans. — followed up by a twinge of cumin, cinnamon, and jalapeño to add some extra dimension to the dish.

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13. Fox Loves Lemons’ Caramelized Fennel and Apple Tart is a satisfying meal choice for any time of day, incorporating the rich flavors of fall with tart Granny Smith apple, creamy goat cheese, caramelized fennel, and walnuts for added depth and texture.

14. A Spicy Perspective’s Orzo Stuffing puts a new spin on an old favorite. Instead of relying on bread as the base for your stuffing, cook up a fresh batch of orzo for a light, firmed-up take on the holiday favorite.

15. Apple and cheddar join forces in a quick-but-delicious Cheesy Apple Bread from Food. It’s a perfectly mild accompaniment to an autumn meal. Best of all, a full loaf can be whipped up in just over an hour.

16. Glam up tonight’s dinner with this piquant offering from the Glamorous Housewife: Roasted Chicken with Apples, Honey, Sage, and Thyme. Dijon mustard amps up the flavor profile, lending the dish irresistible zest, while sage and thyme give it a mature herbal finish.

17. One more apple-pork dish is needed to make this list complete. These Cinnamon Pork Chops from the Speckled Palate are a perfectly sweet and savory dish to serve up for dinner this season — caramelized apple and onion are a lovely complement to the distinctively spiced pork flavors.

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