18 Creative Ways to Prepare Fabulous Fall-Inspired Desserts

Fall is filled with bright colors, fun themes, and fantastic flavors. From apples to candy corn to pumpkins, there is no shortage of creative autumnal subjects to turn into delicious desserts. With these 18 recipes, you can transform a basic cupcake into a scarecrow or a Rice Krispies treat into a perfect pumpkin. You won’t want to go back to preparing plain cakes and simple cookies after making these fabulous fall-inspired treats.

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1. Hoosier Homemade’s Scarecrow Cupcakes are the perfect complement to any fall party. You’ll love using candy corn, jelly beans, wafer cookies, gum drops, and ice cream cones to create cute faces for these tasty treats.

2. Nothing says fall quite like a Colorful Autumn Candy Cake. Chocolate & Carrots’ recipe uses red and yellow food coloring, candy corn M&Ms, and Kit Kats to create a vibrant dessert that’s bursting with beautiful autumn colors.

3. The Baking Pan’s Autumn Leaf Orange Cupcakes are tinged with vibrant fall shades and decorated with gumdrop leaves. You can make your own toppings by rolling out large gumdrops, smashing them together to blend the colors, and cutting them out with leaf-shaped cookie cutters.

4. Self Proclaimed Foodie’s Ghost Meringue Cookies are a must-have for your Halloween parties. The best part comes after you’ve baked your meringues and can create cute faces for your festive sweets.

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5. You won’t want to miss Mississippi Kitchen’s Spice Cake Batter Stuffed Fall Bark, which is a smorgasbord of amazing autumn colors, candies, and flavors.

6. These adorable Fall Apple Cupcakes don’t taste like the popular autumn fruit, but they certainly look like it! Easy Baked’s recipe uses food coloring, mini chocolate chips, and fondant to create a fun seasonal treat.

7. Sugar Hero’s spooky sweet is a creative and delicious way to celebrate Halloween. This Chocolate Orange Panna Cotta is transformed into an eerie graveyard using Oreo’s for dirt, sugar skulls, and melted chocolate.

8. Something Swanky’s Biscoff Candy Corn Rice Krispies Treats are bursting with bright colors, fantastic flavors, and magnificent mini-marshmallows.

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9. This fall-themed dessert creates a Cream Cheese Bundt Cake that tastes and looks like a pumpkin. Creme de la Crumb’s delightful dish becomes even more indulgent after you top it off with icing made from powdered sugar, milk, and food coloring.

10. These Pumpkin-Shaped Rice Krispies Treats are so adorable you might not even want to eat them. She Knows created this sensational snack using cereal, butter, marshmallows, orange food coloring, frosting, and pretzel sticks.

11. The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle delivers a cute, colorful, and fantastic fall dessert. Cookie cutters, plenty of icing, and a ton of creativity will help you prepare your very own Scarecrow Cookies.

12. Turn a popular apple-flavored dish into an elegant and enticing dessert by preparing From My Impossibly Tiny Kitchen’s Mini Apple Rose Pies. Stunningly sweet flavors pair perfectly with the tart apples, creating a beautifully baked treat that will tempt your tastebuds.

13. Acorns are an often under-appreciated part of autumn. But after preparing Miss Candiquik’s cute Acorn Cake Bites, they’ll quickly become your favorite part of fall.

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14. Candy Corn Cake Pops are guaranteed to be a Halloween hit. You’ll dip your cake pieces in orange and white, and then use festive candies to create fun faces.

15. Turn this fall favorite into a delightful dessert following Six Sisters’ Stuff’s recipe. These Caramel Apple Cupcakes are filled with fantastic fruit, gooey caramel, heavenly chocolate, and fun toppings of your choosing.

16. For a simply sensational Halloween-themed dessert, prepare The Cake Blog’s Marshmallow Cobweb Cake. You can easily decorate this decadent dish using only your imagination and lots of marshmallows.

17. Yellow cake mix, marshmallows, peanut butter, Rice Krispies, peanuts, and candy corn are used to create Just a Pinch’s bright-colored and delicious-tasting Scarecrow Treats.

18. Nothing is better than a slice of Wilton’s Autumn Leaves Cake on a beautiful fall day. Bursting with cinnamon, nutmeg, and caramel, this dessert will look and taste just like fall.

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