18 Extraordinary Egg Recipes to Try on World Egg Day

Eggs Benedict, salmon

Source: iStock

11. Haven’t had your share of breakfast fare? Indulge in a grand Salmon Eggs Benedict from the Kiwi Cook, in which smoked salmon and poached eggs are draped in a creamy, velvety Hollandaise sauce.

12. Savory Nothings shares these luxurious, French-inspired Mushroom Crepes With Poached Eggs to be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Mushrooms add a wonderful heartiness to the dish and balance beautifully with airy poached eggs and freshly made crepes.

13. Wake up to a burst of flavor with Pip and Ebby’s Sausage Veggie Breakfast Skillet, mixing sausage links with mushrooms, onions, peppers, and an egg scramble for a meal that will keep you energized until lunchtime and beyond.

14. Channel Downton Abbey with some of the Young Austinian’s light Earl Grey Custards, made from vanilla, eggs, cream, tea, and orange flower water for a distinctive flair.