19 Healthy Cookies That Won’t Wreck Your Diet

Power up your cookies by giving your recipes a healthy makeover. No, that isn’t a contradiction. Baking bloggers have gone to their kitchens and stirred up better-for-you cookie recipes that nix the refined sugars, add protein, or put enough wholesome ingredients into the batter so their cookies can even be suitable for the breakfast table. As a result, diet-friendly, protein-packed, gluten-free, or vegan cookies are as easy to bake a batch of Toll House cookies. No matter what your diet, get ready to gobble up a healthier cookie.

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1. Cookies for breakfast are completely acceptable when you bake the Healthy Blueberry Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies from The Nutritious Kitchen. High fiber cereal, rolled oats, peanut butter, and granola will fill you up and the chocolate chips and blueberries are just the slightly sweet touch breakfast needs.

2. Joy the Baker has a vegan cookie that anyone will want to eat for breakfast. Described as “like carrot cake with a crunch,” the Carrot Millet Breakfast Cookies are the healthy way to indulge your cake and cookie cravings at breakfast.

3. For a minimalistic approach to the healthy breakfast cookie, follow in Ambitious Kitchen‘s steps and make 2-Ingredient Banana Bread Breakfast Cookies. Of course, you can add on to this list with as many add-ins as you like, but you can’t go wrong with the banana-oat combination.

4. Fruits flavor and give texture to Iowa Girl EatsLemon Blackberry Breakfast Cookies. Not only are there plenty of blackberries, but mashed banana and applesauce will keep it moist and chewy, hearty, and healthy.

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5. “Monster” cookies normally bake M&Ms, peanut butter, and oats into oversized cookies. Life Made Simple has kept all of the delicious taste of the childhood classic, removed the baking, and added a few healthy extras like flax seed to create Monster Cookie Energy Bites.

6. The next time your sweet tooth starts dictating what you want to eat, take about 15 minutes and make ifoodreal’s No Bake Protein Cookies. Naturally sweet dates will keep your sugar cravings in check, and a chocolate protein powder will prevent you from remaining hungry after eating.

7. Not only do you not have to bake the healthy cookies from Two Peas and Their Pod, but your snack will be vegan and gluten-free too. It is the perfect sweet to share, and it won’t ruin anyone’s diet.

8. Made with dried fruit and oats, the Almond and Apricot Cookies from Gluten Free Skinny are the no-bake breakfast the whole family can enjoy. Again, it only takes about 15 minutes to make the cookies, so you don’t even have to wake up extra early to get this morning snack ready.

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9. Turn cookie time into an excuse to up your protein intake with the Chocolate Protein Power Cookies from Nutritionist in the Kitchen. Protein powder, pumpkin, and flax seeds ensure the cookies will be bursting with protein.

10. Another take on chocolate and protein powder can be found at Feeding My Addiction. Pecans offer a nice crunch to the fudgy Chocolate Turtle Protein Cookies that are a wonderful post-workout snack.

11. Ideal for fall or whenever you life needs an infusion of protein and pumpkin flavoring are the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies by Girl Loves Glam.

12. PaleOMG had a different fall favorite in mind: sweet potato. These Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies skip the granulated sugar, opting for a honey sweetener instead, and will have you stocking up on sweet potatoes year round to indulge in the protein-rich treat.

13. Also ditching the granulated sugar are the Oatmeal Raisin Protein Cookies by Eating Bird Food found on Protein Pow. The main source is again a protein powder, but Chia seeds boost the content even further. Plus, they taste — and look — like your regular old oatmeal raisin cookie.

14. For a protein powder-free take, make The Colorful Kitchen‘s Cinnamon Peanut Butter Protein Cookies. No one will be able to resist the soft and chewy cookie — even after you tell them it is healthy dessert.

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Naturally Sweetened

15. Edible Perspective created two versions of an Oatmeal Cookie-Cake that is baked on the stovetop in a skillet, both of which are sweetened with maple syrup. In the first, bananas give an extra bit of sugar to the oatmeal cookie, and in the second, it is cocoa powder and applesauce that yield the dense gluten-free and vegan-friendly cookies.

16. Maple syrup is the sweetener of choice in My Darling Vegan‘s Goji Berry Power Cookies as well. It will make one antioxidant-packed treat. As Men’s Health explains, few foods have more antioxidants than this berry, which are reminiscent of cranberries and cherries in terms of taste.

17. Daily Bites went a different route, letting pumpkin purée instead of refined sugars take center stage in these Mini Pumpkin Power Cookies. Just try not to eat all of the gluten-free goodies in one sitting.

18. Dates are on display again in Sweetest Kitchen‘s Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookies. The quinoa flour means the cookies are gluten-free and and a great source of protein and fiber.

19. Texanerin also has a mouthwatering way of adding fiber and protein to a cookie: chickpeas. The Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites are gluten-free, use honey in place of sugar, and are so good, no one will suspect what they are made from.

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