19 of the Most Indulgent Desserts to Make on National Dessert Day

There’s no need to worry about diets and waistlines on National Dessert Day. Instead, commemorate this delicious holiday by indulging in divine desserts that are bursting with heavenly flavors. Interestingly, while sensationally sweet dishes have been around for a long time, the National Day Calendar notes that over the years desserts have transformed from nuts and natural candies to the extravagant cakes, stunning cookies, and breathtaking brownies we now enjoy today. To help you celebrate one of our most delicious holidays, here are 19 unbelievably decadent desserts.

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1. There is no better way to celebrate this holiday than by creating a lovely dessert that consists of layers of banana cake, multiple mousses, and vivacious vanilla buttercream. The Kitchen McCabe’s Banana Split Mousse Cake is a bright-colored, festive dish that looks like a large ice cream sundae.

2. Filled with handmade crepes, vibrant vanilla flavors, and rich cocoa, this 30 Layered Crepe Cake with Tiramisu Pastry Cream is an exquisite-tasting dessert. The Primlani Kitchen’s recipe creates a sublime sweet that can easily be assembled the day before you serve it.

3. Culinary Concoctions by Peabody’s cake is an enticing and elegant dessert that uses scintillating caramel in both the cake and fabulous-tasting frosting.

4. These Double Chocolate Whoopie Pies are unbelievably rich and sinfully sweet. You’ll use several different syrups, cacao powder, butter, milk, flour, and flax seeds to prepare Harriet Emily’s dreamy dish.

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5. Four luscious layers create Life, Love & Sugar’s Snickers Peanut Butter Brownie Ice Cream Cake. This decadent dessert is bursting with brownie, caramel and chocolate sauce, chopped snickers, and peanut butter ice cream.

6. Peacock Coffeehouse uses marshmallows, milk, cream cheese, whipped cream, and a graham cracker crust to create this mouth-watering Marshmallow Whip Cheesecake.

7. This Raspberry and White Chocolate No-Bake Cheesecake is another marvelous must-try to enjoy on National Dessert Day. Cakes by Chichi pairs ravishing raspberry flavors with a melted white chocolate mixture to create a luxurious dish.

8. One of the easiest ways to get an unbelievably magnificent dish is by combining multiple desserts into one. Young Married Chic combines the best of three tantalizing treats to create this over-the-top Cookie Dough Stuffed Brownie Cake.

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9. To prepare these Redemption Brownies, you’ll layer chocolate chip cookie dough, Oreo cookies, and brownie batter, creating a delightful dish that will certainly entice your tastebuds. If you want to make The Suburban Soapbox’s sensational sweet even dreamier, top it with some hot fudge and vanilla ice cream.

10. Prepare to meet the dessert of your dreams. Julie’s Jazz’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake Stuffed With Chocolate Frosted Cake Doughnuts has you bake doughnuts directly into the batter for a stunningly sweet treat.

11. Reese’s Brownie Ice Cream Cake consists of softened vanilla cream, crushed Reese’s, and toffee bits, which are layered into rich brownie batter. Thanks to Bakers Royale, you’ll have a breathtaking dish that’s certainly worthy of National Dessert Day.

12. This Seven Sins Chocolate Cake will satisfy any sweet tooth. To prepare Sprinkle Bakes’ recipe, you’ll combine dark chocolate whiskey cream, mouth-watering milk chocolate mocha, wondrous white chocolate dulce de leche, delicious devil’s food cake, and magnificent marshmallow frosting.

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13. Two layers of chocolate cake, Kahlua, a rich buttercream frosting, chocolate chips, and an assortment of candies will create Art of Dessert’s heavenly dish. To make this tantalizing treat even more divine, drizzle melted chocolate all over your Chocolate Wasted Cake.

14. There’s no better way to spend National Dessert Day than by indulging in Chocolate Cake with Whipped Fudge Filling and Chocolate Buttercream. Rich chocolate flavors and fabulous fudge pair perfectly in Chow’s decadent dish.

15. She Knows’s recipe is a dessert lover’s dream come true. This delicious Double-Decker Brownie Oreo Ice Cream Cake is filled with chocolate cookies, gooey brownies, ice cream, caramel frosting, and sprinkles.

16. Tidy Mom’s Malted Chocolate Cake tastes especially terrific thanks to the toasted marshmallow cream filling and ravishingly rich dark chocolate flavors.

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17. A cookie that’s been stuffed with oh-so-sweet candy is a recipe for perfection. Babble’s Chocolate Turtle Cookies combines caramel, pecans, and cocoa to create the dessert of your dreams.

18. Gooey cookies, warm brownies, and double-stuffed Oreos create Kevin & Amanda’s Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie n’ Oreo Fudge Brownie Bar, a lavishly layered dessert that is bursting with superbly sweet flavors.

19. Can’t Stay Out Of The Kitchen delivers a delectable dessert you won’t be able to resist. These Red Velvet Cream Cheese Brownies are spectacularly sweet, gratifyingly gooey, and consist of chocolate, nuts, cake mix, cream cheese, and coconut.

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