20 Tasks That Increase the Potential Sale Price of Your Home

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Homeowners looking to sell a house will always, of course, be interested in how much the assessed property value is compared to the bottom line home resale price. If you want to get the best price possible when selling your home, it is very important to make sure that it is appealing to potential buyers. Performing certain tasks to increase your home’s resale value is a great way to get more for your property, and is likely to get your home sold more quickly, too.

Home Resale Preparations: Clean Musts

A clean house is very desirable when prospective buyers come to visit the property. While cleaning has little to do with the assessed value of your home, it is an integral part of selling your house quickly. Even the most dedicated homeowners still have certain areas of the house that tend to be neglected. You should hire a cleaning service if you don’t have time to cover every part of your home. When touring a property, these areas will stick out if left unattended:

  1. Clean ceramic tiles and regrout if necessary.
  2. Clean closets and put items in plastic storage containers.
  3. Clean and organize basement.
  4. Clean and organize attic and storage spaces.
  5. Make sure all appliances are clean and in working order.
  6. Clean all light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  7. Put magazines in decorative baskets. Weed out those you don’t need.
  8. Keep bills and personal papers organized and out-of-sight.
  9. Reduce the number of personal items and clutter (memorabilia, keepsakes, awards etc.) in each room, to make the house seem cleaner.
  10. Keep children’s toys organized and in one area.
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Small Projects to Increase Resale Value

Cleaning is an integral part of home resale, but for some properties, a few smaller home improvement projects can go a long way in increasing resale value.

  1. Repaint walls in rooms that have high visibility (kitchen, baths and living areas). Hire a painter if needed to ensure a professional-looking paint job.
  2. Choose a neutral paint color scheme.
  3. Replace or repair loose cabinet hardware.
  4. Replace broken, dirty, or outdated blinds and curtains.
  5. Replace all burned-out light bulbs.

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Larger Projects to Increase Resale Value

Performing larger home improvement projects is a popular way to increase property value when it is time to sell. Depending on where you live, an increase in resale value is often more dramatic with certain tasks, but the following never hurt.

  1. Refinish wood floors.
  2. Have carpet professionally cleaned or replaced with a neutral colored carpet.
  3. Fix leaks in ceilings and walls.
  4. Replace worn kitchen countertops with new, clean, neutral-colored materials.
  5. Replace worn or outdated vinyl flooring.

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