4 Apps to Power Your Next Home Renovation Project

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

Are you tired of your home’s drab, outdated look? Then it might be time to spruce up your pad with a few upgrades. Home renovation apps can be a great tool to help you accomplish just the right look. This is especially the case if you’re tackling an unfamiliar task. There are several apps that can help you with everything from project management to choosing the right paint colors.

Here are four apps to assist you with your next home improvement project.

1. ColorSnap

Save yourself the frustration of picking out a new paint color, painting a room, hating the color, and then having to start all over again. Sherwin-William’s ColorSnap allows you to see what your room might look like before you commit to a paint color. All you have to do is scan a color chip and then a sample scene will show up on your phone. You can also match colors that appear in a photo by tapping on the photo and then dragging over different paint colors. The app will even suggest complementary color combinations. If you decide to go with a Sherwin-Williams paint color, the retailer recommends verifying the color in person at a store that carries their colors before committing. If you decide to go with another brand, you’ll at least have some idea of how a similar color might look in one of your rooms. ColorSnap is free and available for Android, iPad, and iPhone.

2. HomeZada

The HomeZada app is the next best thing to having your very own project manager. This tiny tool helps you establish a budget, set project time lines, and keep track of tasks. The app also gives you the capability to keep a wish list of items you would like to purchase for your home design project. You can also save photos you take of products on your mobile phone as well as favorite links of pages you browse on the web so you can go back and choose items for later. Once you pick out items for your project, you can add, delete, or create a budget around the entries. The HomeZada app is free and available for Android, iPad, and iPhone.

3. Magic Plan

MagicPlan allows you to collect, organize, and share indoor data. Room measurements can be taken with the camera on your phone or iPad, allowing you to visualize improvements. Custom data such as ventilation (for example, central air) and floor type (such as concrete or wood) can also be added. The makers of MagicPlan will soon be introducing a digital tape measure app called MagicMeasure. MagicPlan can be downloaded for free but there is a fee for a downloadable copy of your floor plan. You can purchase one map at a time for $2.99. MagicPlan is available for Android, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

4. Snapguide

The Snapguide app uses the power of crowdsourcing to help you complete a fabulous home upgrade. This app features a variety of how-to projects, complete with instructions and photos to guide you along. Guides are shareable and can even receive likes and comments. You can also create a home renovation how-to guide of your own. The Snapguide app is free of charge and available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

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