4 DIY Tables You Can Finish in a Weekend

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Source: iStock

If your living room is missing that crucial piece of furniture, consider adding a table. Maybe you need an end table for lighting, coasters, or other decor. If you need something bigger, a coffee table holds remotes, books and more. It’s also good as a footrest while watching TV or listening to music.

What kind of table fits the form and function of your living room? While there are various types to purchase, you can also build a table. If you decide to create your own, here are some top DIY designs to use as inspiration:

1. Recycled Chic

There are various materials you can repurpose to build a coffee or side table. Lumber, apple crates, old wheels—you’re almost unlimited in what you can use. With wooden materials, you might need to sand down and refinish their surfaces. This also allows you the chance to paint and stain them.  Look for any signs of mold, mildew, or rot and treat as needed. With metal materials, you’ll need to be careful about sharp edges.

2. Industrial Decor

While the industrial look began with factories converted into lofts, the design has expanded into home decor. You can create coffee and side tables using a wooden top and pipes or vinyl strips. If you want an all-metal table, replace the wooden top with metal. It may limit what color your table can be, as metal is harder to paint. You can hire a professional to powder coat the exterior if you want it to blend with your living room decor.

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3. Rustic Mix

Another favorite trend is the rustic style, which blends together the natural and industrial looks. You can find some pieces of reclaimed lumber and sand them down. Add in some brackets, casters and nails, and you have a rustic table. You can decide if the table is more natural or industrial, like more wood legs or a metal table top. It depends on what looks good in your room and how much time and money you want to invest.

4. Modern Look

If none of these styles are appealing, consider a more modern 21st century table. Modern tables are sleek, whether you use wood or stainless steel. In cases where you need to weld steel frames to piping, you might need professional assistance to avoid hazards or personal injury. You can also create modern tables using wood with some carpentry work and staining.  Additionally, there’s the modern rustic style, which is historical design blended with sleek modern style. In the context of table design, this means natural wood or metal formed with a modern look in mind.

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