4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Bathroom

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Source: iStock

If you ask the average American citizen, chances are they will say that they live in a small bathroom. We don’t all have the means for lavish bathrooms with huge rainfall showers, his-and-her sinks or extravagant storage options, but fret not, as there are always creative and clever ways to make your small bathroom seem larger than it really is.

1. Add Large Mirrors

No matter the footprint, all bathrooms have walls big enough to hold large mirrors. When it comes to small bathrooms, the bigger the mirror, the better. Mirrors help reflect the light and create a wider look to your bathroom. There may not be a lot of space between your sink and the toilet, but with a large mirror, it will certainly look like there is.

While this update is certainly low of the totem pole, some homeowners like to go big with their bathroom remodel. If you do, as our bathroom remodeling cost estimator indicates, expect to pay just under $8,000 for a total redo.

2. Do Not Separate the Shower and Tub

Believe it or not, you can have a large shower in a small bathroom if you really want. It all comes down to choice and layout. As you can see from the several small bathroom layouts we highlighted, large showers can work if you choose to forgo the tub.

While the relaxing feeling of a soaker tub is great after a long day, many Americans only take showers, so why waste the space? Use it wisely and design a luxurious shower that meets you and your bathroom’s needs.

Bonus Tip: Add a glass shower door to present the idea of extra space.

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

3. Have the Bathroom Door Open Out

This is a rather simple design, but one many homeowners forget. If you have a small bathroom, always have the door open out. Oftentimes, we leave the bathroom door open to let out steam, hear the TV or just chat with our significant other. Your bathroom is small enough. Don’t let a simple design choice like having your door open to the inside impede your space anymore than it has to.

Bonus Tip: If you can, try installing sliding doors. This saves you space both inside and outside the bathroom.

4. Use Recessed Lights

I understand the aroma and appeal of drum pendants or other specialty lights that stick out. They are design attractions. They draw the eye toward it. But when you are talking about a small bathroom, it makes this highly trafficked room feel cramped.

Your small bathroom may look fantastic with a large chandelier, but it will feel very small. Worse yet, you will have to live with the fact that you chose this design over functionality, a decision you will surely regret months down the road.

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