5 Cereal Doughnut Recipes That Will Brighten Your Breakfast Table

Taco Bell recently unveiled its latest menu item — the Cap’n Crunch Delight, a warm doughnut hole that’s coated with fruity Cap’n Crunch Berries cereal and filled with creamy milk icing. Unfortunately, Today reports that the divine doughnut is only being tested at 26 Taco Bell locations, so you may have to wait longer than you’d like to sample the fast food chain’s latest concoction. Fortunately, there’s another way to cure your cereal doughnut cravings; you can make your own! A combination of sugary cereal, soft doughnuts, and rich glazes, these five cereal doughnuts will provide you with a stunningly sweet start to your day.

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1. Fruity Pebble Cereal Milk Doughnuts

Baked vanilla cake doughnuts are covered in a Fruity Pebble-infused glaze, and then coated with a generous layer of sugary-sweet cereal in Sweet Menu’s recipe via American Heritage Cooking. These doughnuts are baked, rather than fried, “so they are almost healthy. Ok, maybe not healthy but they are super fast to put together. Using a donut pan, these little vanilla cake donuts are baked in the oven and ready in just 10 minutes.”

The doughnuts themselves will keep for two days in an airtight container, but once you apply the glaze and cereal, it’s best to eat them right away; otherwise, you’ll end up serving soggy doughnuts. Looking for a delicious drink to pair with your doughnuts? We suggest preparing a glass of Leite’s Culinaria’s cereal-infused milk, which you can make using Corn Flakes, Cap’n Crunch, and Fruity Pebbles.

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2. Breakfast Cereal Cake Doughnuts

Select your favorite cereals, grab your doughnut pan, and head to the kitchen; it’s time to bake Breakfast Cereal Cake Doughnuts! Vanilla bean-flavored doughnuts and a vanilla glaze provide the perfect base for a wide range of cereals, including Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Fruit Loops, Cocoa Krispies, Frosted Flakes, and Apple Jacks. Hummingbird High notes that “although Fruit Loops and Apple Jacks made the prettiest donuts, I decided I liked the taste of both the Cocoa Krispie and Frosted Flake donuts better.” For an extra homemade touch, we suggest topping your doughnuts with Half Baked Harvest’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

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3. Vanilla Baked Fruidoo Doughnuts

It only takes 30 minutes to make Farm Girl Gourmet’s Vanilla Baked Fruidoo Doughnuts, which consist of a vanilla base, sugar icing, and tons of bright-colored fruit ring cereal. “Just grab a handful of cereal and pour it on until there’s no icing left to grab them. Easy!”

The preparation behind this recipe is simple: whisk and combine your ingredients, fill each cavity of the doughnut pan about ⅔ full, and while your doughnuts are baking, prepare the glaze. There’s no need to fret if you don’t have a doughnut pan; Top With Cinnamon explains how to make a DIY Doughnut Pan using aluminum foil, paper towel, tape, and scissors.

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4. Baked Lucky Charm Doughnuts

You’ll have the luck of the Irish on your side after eating Baked Lucky Charm Doughnuts. In addition to coming together quite quickly, these vanilla-flavored doughnuts, which are covered in a green glaze and then topped with Lucky Charms marshmallows, are much healthier than their fried counterparts. Greek yogurt replaces some of this recipe’s butter and all of its oil, resulting in a baked doughnut that’s low in fat. The Seasoned Mom notes that “if you don’t want to bother with a donut pan, you can make these in a regular muffin tin instead (just bake for about 15-20 minutes).  But the donuts are just so fun!”

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5. Boo Berry Doughnuts

General Mills’s blueberry-flavored, monster-themed cereal creates a doughnut topping you and your kids will love. Seeded at the Table uses refrigerated biscuits to simplify the doughnut-making process. “Many of you know one of the easiest ways to make donuts is by using Pillsbury refrigerated biscuit dough. But, did you know Pillsbury has blueberry biscuit dough?? That, my friends, is the secret to the easiest blueberry donuts recipe you’ll ever come across.”

To make this recipe, use a small biscuit cutter or the round top of a milk carton to cut out a center hole in each biscuit. Fry each doughnut in oil, top with cream cheese frosting, and cover with Boo Berry Cereal. Just like that, you’ll have a delicious blueberry-flavored dish that will take center stage at breakfast.

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