5 Father-Son Workouts for Father’s Day


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2. Racquetball

Tennis is one of the best sports for competitive men, especially if you’re already bringing along a partner. Unfortunately, it can be sort of a costly sport. That’s where racquetball comes in. Racquetball Challenge explained this partner activity is relatively inexpensive since so many gyms offer free access to facilities and rental equipment. Keep in mind you’ll most likely have to be a member before strolling in to play. Once you get over that hurdle, though, you’ll get to enjoy a game that’s pretty much built for two people.

Despite the relatively small court size, players can expect to shed plenty of calories from playing a 20-minute game. Livestrong explained many folks run more than 2 miles in that time, and burn between 600 and 800 calories. It’s also a great way to develop hand-eye coordination and build strength. Health Fitness Revolution listed social engagement as one of the top benefits of racquetball, so it’s a great way to reconnect with your dad. But remember, safety gear exists for a reason. Go ahead and don those goofy goggles with pride.

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