5 High-Tech Bathroom Products We Want Right Now

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Source: Kohler

Ever wonder what a bathroom from the future would look like? Technology has taken bathrooms to a whole new level with innovations that include more customizable and programmable features than ever before. Bathrooms of the future are anything but boring. If you want to transform your bathroom into a space of luxury and convenience, here are some top of the line, functional and, above all, stylish products to consider incorporating into your design.

1. Moxie

Who doesn’t love to sing in the shower? Thanks to our dear friends at Kohler, they’ve made it even easier and more enjoyable with their Moxie showerhead & wireless speaker.

Moxie lets you stream your favorite music, news, or talk radio right in the shower with you. The Moxie showerhead holds a portable wireless speaker that pairs wirelessly with Bluetooth-enabled devices to deliver superior audio to your shower. The speaker docks directly into the showerhead, so your music is closer than ever when showering. While it plays your favorite sounds, this innovative showerhead features angled nozzles that deliver an all-encompassing spa-like spray. Thanks to air induction technology, each drop feels larger and more luxurious. Moxie is easy to install and use; the wireless speaker pops out for recharging and then securely pops back in for use while showering. You can even take it with you as a wireless speaker to use in any room of the house, or on the go. It’s clear that the Moxie will turn your shower into a full on dance party.

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Source: Hansgrohe

2. RainBrain

Digital showers are on the forefront in shower design and technology. Hansgrohe has released a state-of-the-art electronic shower system called the RainBrain. The RainBrain features a touchscreen panel that allows users to select their preferences in an easy virtual wayas well as a warm-up function that heats your water instantly. The RainBrain will save presets for up to four different people, so a personalized shower experience is just a touch away. The RainBrain also features an anti-scalding system to protect children and adults from being exposed to high temperature water blasts by accident. Just tap on the touchscreen with your finger and unwind.

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Source: Kohler

3. Numi

Not only does Kohler have one of the most impressive showerheads in the industry, they are also leading the way with the most advanced toilet to date: the Numi. Even though it was designed to have a compact, streamlined appearance, the Numi is jam-packed with features which include: a motion-activated cover and seat, a self-cleaning bidet, deodorizer, heated seat, foot warmer, illuminated panels (7 available colors) and Bluetooth music technology all of which can be controlled with a touch screen remote. The toilet is often referred to as “the throne,” and Kohler has taken that expression quite literally.

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Source: Delta

4. Touch2O.xt™ Technology

One of the best ways to spice up a bathroom without doing any major demolition is to install a high-tech smart faucet. Delta has introduced us to Touch2O.xt™ Technology. This technology allows the faucet to be turned on with a simple tap anywhere on the faucet or even hands-free. Touch2O.xt™ Technology acts as a sensor so the water starts flowing instantly and effortlessly. It senses your presence within 4” and automatically shuts off within seconds once you remove your hands—a great way to conserve water. With six different models and five different finishes, you are bound to find a Delta faucet that fits your style.

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Source: Robern


Robern has shown us the newest way to add television to your bathroom: integrated into the door of your medicine cabinet. How perfect for your morning routine: You can watch the traffic while shaving or putting on makeup and your kids can watch cartoons. Personally, I’d flip on a Greys Anatomy marathon while soaking away in the tub. Whatever you choose to watch, we think it’s genius. Robern’s medicine cabinets are extremely functional with features such as magnetic organization (think tweezers and bobby pins), organizational shelves, a dedicated razor holder, interior illumination, integrated electricity, USB ports, and an electronic mirror defogger. With plain or beveled mirror options, these medicine cabinets are a beautiful addition to any bathroom.


As you can see, bathrooms are truly becoming an extension of our individualities, and products are changing in this space to reflect our every desire. Do you think these products are worth it or are they just excessive indulgences? Give us your take in the comments below.

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