5 Home Improvement Projects Where Less is More

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Traditionally, paying for “less” in a product has been nearly synonymous with shoddy craftsmanship, lower life expectancy, and overall disappointment in the end. However, in the modern world of home improvement, seeing “less” of a product can mean better efficiency, more convenience, and results that will leave you more than satisfied.

1. Ductless A/C

As the name suggests, ductless air conditioning means a whole house cooling system that doesn’t require the bulky ductwork that comes with conventional systems. While traditional systems are fine, the real benefit of these ductless beauties is that they can go places where their massive predecessors cannot. Particularly preferable in older homes—which were designed when residential air conditioning seemed about as likely as the flying car—ductless A/C can be an appropriate solution to summer heat, as well as a key selling point for prospective buyers.

rain gutters

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2. Seamless Gutters

The seams in old gutters are notorious for creating clogs, which in turn can lead to plenty of problems including—but, of course, not limited to—soil erosion, basement flooding, roofing breaches, and mosquito infestation. By taking the seams out of your gutter system, you are taking a huge step in the direction of a gutter system that performs as it should. While these gutters have “less” seams, few home components have seen more popularity when compared to their predecessors: nearly 75 percent of all gutters installed across the U.S. are seamless.

3. Tankless Water Heaters

In modern America, having enough hot water to take a comfortable shower shouldn’t be a luxury. For those homeowners whose old hot water tanks are simply too small to get the job done, tankless water heaters may be the upgrade you’ve been looking for. Also called instantaneous water heaters, tankless models heat your water as you use it, thus being more cost-effective. This means that they use less energy than hot water tanks, but it also means that if they are installed properly, you’ll never have to worry about your shower going cold ever again.

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4. Stainless Steel

In a kitchen fit for a king, stainless steel is the finish you’re looking for. Durable, attractive, and a staple in professional settings everywhere, stainless steel has made its way into residential kitchens in a big way. While a finish doesn’t necessarily denote a product’s quality, it is impossible to deny that many of the best appliances on the market don’t come coated in anything else. One of the nicest things about having stainless steel in your kitchen is that it goes with just about anything. When your kitchen has the professional appearance and performance of steel that’s stainless, you may find yourself enjoying the space much more than before.

5. Wireless Electricity

Okay, so this one isn’t quite here yet, but its development is one of the most exciting “lesses” we know. Wireless electricity might only be able to power small devices right now (one of the most impressive examples to date occurred in 2007 when a group from MIT demonstrated that you could successfully power a light bulb from 7 feet away using “magnetic fields and perfect resonance”), but in the future you may be able to eliminate the need for power cords in your home altogether. While there’s no denying our drive to see more, this is one area where we can’t wait to see “less” in the near future.

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