5 Home Workouts Saving You From January Gym Crowds

A whopping 66% of people who make New Year’s resolutions set fitness-related goals for themselves, Details reports. Unfortunately, these shared visions of self-improvement make it near-impossible to fit a solid gym workout in at the dawn of the new year: The Atlantic states that gyms will see a 30 to 50% surge in traffic during the first few weeks of January.

Instead of fighting your way through the sweaty crowds and sweatier stair climbers, hop on the fast-track to fitness success with any of these five highly effective at-home workouts!

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1. 5-Minute total body routine

This 5-Minute Total Body Conditioning routine from Women’s Health Magazine is great for its all-over effectiveness and adaptability. Perform 50 seconds of maximum-intensity lateral lunges, rest for 10 seconds, then move on to pushups. Perform for 50 seconds at maximum intensity, rest, and repeat with each move until you’ve completed the list of 5 total-body toning exercises. If you’ve still got time to spare, rest for a minute and complete one or two more circuits to work up a great sweat.

Visit Women’s Health Magazine for the workout.

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2. 10-move multi-muscle workout

Exercise physiologist Andrea Doepker-Gavidia of Train for Life Fitness & Lifestyle Consulting advises goal-conscious exercisers to “choose exercises that are full body movements that mimic everyday patterns. These will use more energy and incorporate more muscle groups and will teach your body how to move as a whole more efficiently.” To bring the point home, Doepker-Gavidia shares her own 10-exercise circuit, which incorporates moves targeting several muscle groups simultaneously. This routine offers maximum all-over results in minimal time.

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3. 10-Minute abs at home

Petra Kolber’s core-targeted workout will help you trim your midsection to perfection without waiting in line for any sweaty machines. Kolber, creator of “The 10 Minute Solution: Dance Off Belly Fat!” shares her collection of crunches, plié poses, and modified lunges that will help achieve those fitness goals in no time. The workout takes just 10 minutes to complete, making it ideal for a daily warmup or cool down.

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4. 15-minute butt workout

Redbook’s intense 15-minute butt workout will kick your, well, butt. The sequence, designed by fitness expert Tracey Mallett, incorporates knee-ins, plié squats, and various balancing moves to help you sculpt the upper legs, thighs, and butt you’ve always wanted, all without leaving your living room.

Mallett emphasizes the importance of adding a cardio component to your workout, noting that “Aerobic exercise that incorporates the hamstrings and gluteals does double duty, burning excess fat and helping to tone those muscles at the same time.” Walking and running on inclines, high-resistance biking (or stationary biking), and stair climbing are all great ways to give your workout some extra oomph.

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5. Fat-blasting arm routine

Resolving to fight arm fat in the new year? Fitness Magazine makes it easy with this set of 10 moves designed to work the triceps, biceps, and shoulders. Perform the routine two to three times a week and you’ll be seeing results within a month! The workout incorporates planks, dips, modified yoga moves and stretches, and simple dumbbell practices to help you feel the burn.

Visit Fitness Magazine for the workout.

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Instead of sticking with any singular routine, you may wish to try some varied toning moves to see which type of exercise best suits your style. Shape offers an awesome home workout primer that will help you target 400 muscles in minutes. Here are a few ideas that will send you on the fast-track to the physique of your dreams:

  • Personal trainer Jessica Smith recommends a Bounding Toe-Touch Squat to work the quads and glutes with an added kick of cardio. Start with your feet together with hands in folded “prayer” pose. Bend knees, then jump forward, landing in a squat position with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, touching fingers to your toes (if you can’t reach your toes, just reach as far as you can without overly-straining any muscle). Then, jump back to return to starting position. Complete 15 reps of this strength-building plyometric move.
  • Try some Opposite Arm/Leg Dips to work the arms while also enjoying the benefits of a core-strengthening element. Start sitting with knees bent, feet flat on floor about hip-width apart. Place hands behind hips on the ground, fingertips facing in toward each other. Lift hips off ground to reach tabletop position. Tighten abs and extend right leg up to ceiling, reaching left arm toward right leg. As you reach, bend right elbow into a dip, bringing hips toward the floor. Extend your right arm, lifting hips back up, then lower right leg and left arm back to tabletop position. Repeat on other side to finish one rep, and perform 10 total repetitions for full effect.
  • This Full Bridge move may look simple — it involves static muscle contraction rather than swooping, pressing, or lifting movements — but in reality, it’s strengthening and stretching your back, arms, shoulders, abs, and legs all at once. Start by lying on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor, about hip-width apart. Bend your arms and place hands behind shoulders on floor (elbows facing up). Push upwards with your arms and legs, arching your back and bringing body entirely off the ground. Hold this position for 1 count, then lower gently back to starting position. Complete 10 repetitions.

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