5 Innovative Kitchen Appliances to Get Your Hands On

Source: Mr. Coffee

A good invention can solve a problem you didn’t realize you had. Kitchen appliances are a big part of your renovation investment, so it’s important to be completely aware of features and products out there that will make your life easier. Say hello to these appliance developments that have caught our eye.

1. WeMo Coffee Maker

I rely heavily on my morning cup of coffee, my afternoon cup of coffee and on occasion, my evening cup of coffee. We coffee lovers have the Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks locations around us all mapped out, but we are constantly trying to reproduce the same quality coffee at home without adding additional time to our daily routines. The Mr. Coffee 10-Cup Smart Optimal Brew Coffeemaker with WeMo is the coffee maker I’ve dreamed about. This WiFi-enabled coffeemaker—just plug it in and download the free app—will allow you to brew coffee without getting out of bed. When your coffee is done brewing, your smartphone receives an alert telling you your coffee is ready. And if you feel like hitting the snooze button, the stainless-steel thermal carafe also keeps your coffee hot for over two hours. In addition, Optimal Brew™ Technology heats water up to 205°F, which is the optimal temperature for bringing out the best flavors in your cup. If you love the convenience of this technology as much as I do, be sure to check out the Wemo crockpot, making dinners easy as can be, from anywhere.

Source: GE

Source: GE

2. Bottle Wash Jet Dishwasher

GE appliances have been known to simplify routines by answering real-life needs. There are certain items that my dishwasher can never seem to get clean, and bottles (especially narrow neck) are on the top of this list. I often feel like I spend more time cleaning bottles than I do actually using them. Thanks to GE, their new dishwasher features the industry’s first bottle wash jets that direct water deep inside to clean even the most hard to reach areas. Say goodbye to hand washing for good! As if this wasn’t impressive enough, GE’s stainless steel dishwashers are also extremely quiet, and feature a full extension third rack to easily clean your flatware. Want to see how the cost compares to an average dishwasher? See what it costs to install.

Source: SodaStream

Source: SodaStream

3. SodaStream Refrigerator

Samsung’s innovative and top quality appliances can be recognized worldwide. They have introduced the industry’s first-ever sparkling water dispenser powered by SodaStream, all at the touch of a button. Samsung allows a standard SodaStream cylinder to tuck away inside the left refrigerator door. It is easy to access when the time comes for replacement. You can even customize the level of carbonation you would like. Samsung really thinks of it all: not only will this save interior storage space; this will also reduce bottle waste in your home. You will also save trips to the grocery store, as you can store up to 29 bags of groceries inside. Now that’s cool.


Source: Viking Professional

4. French Door Wall Oven

Viking Professional ovens have been known to deliver total convenience and superior power, and their new French door wall oven is no exception. Not only will this wall oven compliment the style of your French door refrigerator, it is extremely user friendly—you can open up both doors with one hand. The extra-large interior (4.7 cu. ft. ), makes it the largest oven in the industry. Thanksgiving will be a breeze! Additional features we love include: super-fast preheating, heavy-duty metal knobs accented with LED lights, and 11 different cooking modes. To top it all off, it’s available in a multitude of exclusive finishes such as apple red, graphite grey, cobalt blue, and more.

Source: Sub-Zero

Source: Sub-Zero

5. Compact Wine Storage

Have you ever dreamed of storing wine in your kitchen, but didn’t think you would have the space? Think again. Our friends at Sub-Zero have launched a compact wine storage unit. At just 15” wide and 34” high, it will fit beautifully underneath your kitchen counter. It features a bronze-tinted UV-resistant glass, which prevents light exposure to keep your wine at its best quality. With both stainless steel and panel-ready models, you can really customize the look to fit into your new kitchen. To keep your wine flavors unharmed, the unit is temperature controlled from 45°F to 55°F and also moisture controlled to prevent dry corks. This small but mighty unit can store up to 26 bottles of your favorite vino. Cheers!


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