5 New Year’s Resolutions for Homebodies

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Some of us like to be at home. We have our things here, we can dress how we want to, and we can even watch TV. With this in mind, why not make this the year to have a home gym you don’t have to drive to, a better kitchen to cook healthier, more bathroom space, and a home office to keep everything in order? These smart improvements are the solutions to your resolutions.

The New You

Resolutions typically revolve around health and time. Another year has passed, you have a bit more weight on you, and you haven’t accomplished all that you have wanted to. People use the beginning of the year to start fresh, cut a few pounds, and accomplish some of those personal goals from way back. This is pretty straightforward.

What is not simple and practical is when people who have a wealth of routine try to squeeze more routine into a small amount of space in their lives. So here are some ways to keep those New Year’s resolutions without having to turn your life upside down and shake all the change out of its pockets.

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A Healthy Home

You want to be healthier, eat better, exercise more, and live longer. Why not do it at home? Here’s how.

1. Home Gym

Whatever space you can spare, turn it into your gym. If you have a great deal of space—like an open basement—feel free to add as much as you can: free weights, exercise machines, yoga mats, etc. If you have a limited space, you’re still okay.

Any little corner or guest bedroom can be turned into your home gym. Even though it may seem vain, put mirrors on the walls so you can see yourself sweat and be certain that you are doing exercises properly. Make sure you have a television mounted high on the wall in here to play exercise videos, watch movies, or your favorite show. The more you are invested in what is playing, the longer you’ll work out. This will make that 30 minutes three times a week seem like nothing.

2. Update the Kitchen

Maybe the key to eating healthier is having a better place to cook. Remodeling the kitchen is a great home investment, but as far as living healthier, a kitchen makeover is a great investment in you.

Hire a kitchen designer and tell her what you need: more counter space, a pantry, and a deep freezer so that you can have healthy food on hand at any moment. Would a 6-burner stove keep you cooking more often? Would a bigger dishwasher make life easier? Think of your needs through the lens of being healthier, and soon you’ll discover exactly what you need.

3. Add a Work Space

Are your goals not health-related? Perhaps you want to start your own business, finish school, write a novel, learn Japanese, etc. If you don’t have a home office, now is the time to get set up. Stop trying to work from the kitchen table or the couch—there are just too many distractions. Take an unused room, wire it with everything you need, and keep this personal mission separate from the mission of house and family.

Better yet, remodel this room so that others can use it, too. Call it an office or the media center, and anyone who needs to check email, do homework, and pay some bills can wander in here and focus.

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Relax With Ease

Perhaps your goals are to relax a little more. You’ve been working hard, maybe too hard, and you can equip your home so that it feels more like a haven.

4. Home Theater

If you are a movie buff, just like television, or you are a gamer, get a home theater. This can be as small as some surround sound and a better TV, or as big as taking over the basement, the attic, or a guest bedroom and decking it out with all the right stuff: recliners, plasma screen, Dolby surround, stadium seating, popcorn machine, etc.

5. Swimming Pool

Who doesn’t want a pool? Even if you’re not a swimmer, what is more relaxing than sitting poolside? Something about the sight and sound of water just gets people to relax. Plus pools are a great place for the kids and grandkids to play—not to mention poolside parties.

Do The Year Up Right

This year, don’t make the same mistake that others will make in thinking that all the answers lie outside their home. Think inside. Think about resolving to make your home just as much workshop, as it is gym, spa, and family area.

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