5 of the Hottest Colors of 2015

Hot colors of 2015

As spring nears, new and exciting colors start to emerge, and for 2015, we are excited to see bold color combinations—fire hot corals and oranges that contrast with tried and true jade greens and almost-black blues. Alone, they are striking statement colors, but together, they complement each other in a beautiful and unexpected way. Thinking of giving your home a complete color makeover? Paint your walls, update furniture pieces, or collect new accessories in any of these sophisticated colors. The end result is a classic, edgy, and fresh look that elevates the style of any room.


1. Lava

Hot stuff! With this red-orange hue, the bolder the better. From lips to bags to bedsheets, we say bring it on. Not for the timid, this Louis Nui bedding from Trina Turk should add a little fire to your night.


2. Jade

Calm, cool, and collected. Tonal subtleties ranging from army to olive green make jade a timeless foundation to play off of. We’re fans of the Rhys Chair from Anthropologie for a big impact, or you can keep it simple with the Hiddenite Glass Sculpture from our good friends Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.


3. Citrus

Punch it up a bit with lemon yellow. This zesty fellow adds zing to any room. A fresh, fun color, it’s perfect for making an accent piece really pop. Give us a lamp, a pillow, or even a rug in this striking hue and we’ll instantly liven up your space. Shown above is the Upbeat Table Lamp from Currey & Company.


4. Ink

Deep, dark, and mysterious. We’re loving the almost-black gradient these days. This green-blue-black tone looks rich in luscious velvets and slick lacquer. We’re thinking classy drink tables and plush sofas. Above, the color is featured as a full-panel wallpaper, Aurora Peat, by Calico Wallpaper.

hot coral

5. Hot Coral

A hue that’s a little sweet, a little sassy. While technically in the lava family, this pink has a purpose. Pair it with any neutral to go from bland to bold. We could see this color featured in accent pieces like pillows, or a daring statement piece like an upholstered chair. In this woven cotton Gypsy Rug from Dash & Albert, hot coral plays the leading role.


Combining such bold colors in one space can be overwhelming. Do the colors really work together, or are they clashing? What should the focal point be? How can accessories or paint enhance the main color, instead of competing with it? For the most sophisticated style with the least amount of headache, hire a designer.

We live for projects that challenge and inspire. If you’re the more DIY type, research different design blogs for style inspiration and advice (we’ve got a ton on DesignPulp.net). The more you see, the more you can refine your idea. You might even find something you never thought of. No matter what approach you take, be daring, take chances, and most of all, have fun.

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