5 Recipes for Fun and Fruity Doughnuts You Can Make at Home

It’s rare to find any bakeries devoted to muffins or croissants. But doughnuts? You almost have to go out of your way to avoid coming across a spot devoted to whipping out these ringed breakfast goodies. They’ve had quite the comeback in recent years thanks to creative flavors like peanut butter and srirachatres leches, and key lime pie.

In honor of National Doughnut Day, we’ve dug up five fantastic recipes to help you whip up some breakfast magic in your own kitchen. And as a nod to summer, these offerings all incorporate the bright flavors of fruit. Doughnuts might not be “the new cupcake”, but these treats are so good that you might like them even better.

1. Mango Coconut Doughnuts

doughnut, sprinkles

Doughnut | Source: iStock

If you shy away from making doughnuts at home because of the messy frying process, then these baked rings are just the treat for you. They’re loaded with tropical flavor thanks to mango purée and coconut milk, and finishing them off with sprinkles is extra fun. All you need is the proper bakeware to crank out these delightful treats. If it seems silly to invest in something that only makes one kind of goody, consider that Jocelyn Brubaker says “I heart my doughnut pan.”

While spending some time cleaning up around the house one day, the pan caught her eye. She says she hadn’t made any doughnuts with it in a while, and decided that needed to change. “The vacuuming and laundry didn’t get finished that day,” she says. When treats like these come calling, chores can wait.

Visit Inside BruCrew Life for the recipe.

2. Lemon Raspberry Doughnuts

Jelly doughnuts

Lemon raspberry doughnut | Source: iStock

Making filled doughnuts at home can be sort of a daunting task, but Carrian Cheney has made it really simple by using packaged biscuits as her dough. Then all you have to do is fry the dough, pipe in some lightly sweetened raspberries, and roll the treats around in a little bit of lemon sugar. Cheney decided to whip these up as a dessert for a family movie night, and she says, “these lemon raspberry doughnuts were definitely the highlight of the evening.”

Because these goodies are best fresh, you’ll want to wait until the last minute to fry them. You can prepare the lemon sugar and raspberries in advance, and even portion out the dough ahead of time. When you’re ready to go, just heat the oil and get to work. It’s definitely worth the little bit of effort, because Cheney says she found herself longing for another as she was writing the post for this recipe. Sounds like a good reason to get frying.

Visit Oh Sweet Basil for the recipe.

3. Baked Blueberry Doughnuts

blueberry doughnut

Baked blueberry doughnut | Source: iStock

Forget about pancakes, Jenny Park’s blueberry doughnuts might become your new favorite breakfast treat. She decided to make these at home after trying some doughnuts from a local store that were just too greasy for her taste. She wanted the same flavor without all the heaviness. She says, “I decided to do a baked version to avoid that issue all together.” While she was making some changes, she figured she might as well see if she could lighten up the recipe even more by swapping in yogurt and applesauce to replace all of the oil.

As the batter comes together, it will seem kind of stiff. Don’t panic; that’s exactly what you want. “The batter should be nice and thick, because you want a dense, cake-doughnut-like result,” Park says. The glaze is also a bit of a change from what you’ve had in the past. It’s made from orange juice, blueberries, and some powdered sugar to form a thin coating that stays sticky. If you prefer a traditional glaze, Park recommends cutting down on the amount of fruit and juice while doubling the powdered sugar.

Visit Spoon Fork Bacon for the recipe.

4. Pineapple Upside-Down Doughnuts

individual pineapple cake

Pineapple upside-down doughnut | Source: iStock

In just 20 minutes, you could have these delicious treats fresh from the oven. The speedy preparation and delicious taste make these a baked good that Ashley Manila says “are a dream come true for doughnut lovers everywhere.” And since the pineapple and brown sugar bake right into the top, there’s no need to make a separate glaze.

As easy as this recipe is, Manila mentions a couple of things to keep in mind. Make sure you’re buying a variety of canned pineapple without any added sugar, because anything in syrup will be way too sweet. Also, make sure to slice the rings in half before lining the molds. “The first time I made this recipe, I used the rings straight out of the can and found that it was an unpleasant fruit-to-doughnut ratio,” Manila says. Follow her tips, and you’ll be enjoying these in no time.

Visit Baker by Nature for the recipe.

5. Strawberry Buttermilk Doughnuts with Strawberry Glaze

strawberry doughnut

Strawberry doughnuts | Source: iStock

Fruit lovers usually go for a bowl of berries with a little bit of yogurt for their morning meal. While that’s certainly tasty, these decadent strawberry treats are a great way to indulge. Jessica Potts says, “these doughnuts are super light and airy, made with buttermilk and sweetened with honey and sugar.”

Since these treats are baked, you’ll need to use a doughnut pan to get the ring shape. If you’d rather skip the fuss of trying to get your hands on one, you can use a muffin tin instead. Just be sure to keep an eye on them, because the baking time will be slightly different. However you choose to make these, they’ll taste fantastic. Potts says having one in the morning is “almost like eating strawberry shortcake. For breakfast!”

Visit A Happy Food Dance for the recipe.

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