5 Simple Summer Updates to Your Backyard

Backyard design ideas

Source: Saunders Designs

Summer is hitting its peak and your backyard might require a few more elements to reach its maximum potential. You don’t want to spend tens of thousands of dollars, so consider some simple updates that will turn it into an oasis for the last few weeks of summer.

Power washing

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1. Power wash the concrete

Whether you have a concrete patio or walkway that makes up a good portion of the backyard, it should be in pristine condition. It’s not difficult to rent or buy a power washer and deep clean the textured area; removing all of the dust, grime, and leaves that build up over time. In the end, your concrete will look just as amazing as it did the day it was poured. If you don’t want to power wash it yourself, you can hire a power washing service to do the job for you.

2. You can never have enough lights

Porch lights, landscaping lighting, rope lighting around flower beds—there’s no end to what you can do to illuminate the backyard. Lights are especially beautiful at night when the moon might not hit your backyard and landscape perfectly, so you can use artificial lighting to improve the ambience. You can use solar-powered lights that don’t require underground wiring to save on digging up the lawn. For those who want brighter lights, consider installing recessed or hanging lamps in your porch.

Patio slider

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3. Make your back door a focal point

Your backyard area is not complete without the door that leads to it, much like the front door and front yard. So make sure your back door is just as beautiful as the landscape it opens up into by painting it or repairing the frame, knob, and hinges. If you have a sliding door, check the glass for any scratches, broken panes, or problems in the tracks. A door repair contractor can do a full check and suggest fixes to ensure longevity.


Source: Palapa Pros – Landscape & Design Services

4. Accessorize the porch and lawn

What is the purpose of your backyard? Will you be entertaining, growing a vegetable garden, or recreating the Garden of Eden? The accessories that accompany the landscape of your backyard should accentuate its purpose. If you plan to hold parties throughout the summer, there should be furniture on the patio or the lawn, like chairs and tables—maybe an outdoor grill or kitchen, too. If you want an extensive garden, some popular accessories include statues, miniature windmills, and standing metal fences for vines and pottery that may or may not hold plants. Assess a plan for your backyard and buy these pieces as needed to complete the look and feel.


Source: Applegate Landscape Co., LLC

5. Don’t waste any plant space

The best part of having a backyard should be filling it with flora: flowers, shrubs, and trees. You can have flower boxes, hanging baskets, potted plants, or beds of flowers planted artfully around the backyard amongst your lawn. Trees and shrubs are also good additions to any backyard and help to shade the lawn against the harsh sunlight. Having flowers and shrubs also gives you a wide variety of color choices, so your yard won’t just be green.

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