5 Tips for Keeping Your Spring Fitness Routine on Track

The last winter snow is finally melting away, giving way to the sunny spring skies and mild temperatures we all love. Livestrong and NBC News report that spring temperatures in the 60s and 70s make for the best workout conditions, meaning now is the perfect time to revitalize your fitness routine. As an added bonus, getting a jump on your regimen in the milder months will have your body beach-ready by summer’s peak.

Here are 5 tips to keep your fitness routine consistent and effective throughout the spring season.

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1. Work out with a friend or group

If you’re feeling a sense of renewal and focus with the onset of the spring season, you’ll likely be able to find a pal who feels the same way. Try recruiting a friend to accompany you on your morning jog, walk, or trip to yoga class. You can even opt to join a running or biking group to keep your fitness goals on track.

In addition to making things more entertaining, being surrounded by people lends a feeling of accountability to your daily or weekly workout. Trusted sources like Livestrong, Active, and the American College Of Sports Medicine note that individuals are less likely to skip out on group exercises than independent ones. It’s amazing what some good company will do for your motivation levels!

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2. Stay hydrated!

She Knows notes that spring can be one of the most dangerous times for our bodies in terms of dehydration. In mild weather, our brains don’t react as strongly or immediately to the thirst signals it receives from the rest of the body. Even if you’re not working up the same sweat you might feel in the sweltering summer months, be sure to drink a lot of water before, during, and after training sessions. Signs of dehydration include a dry mouth, headaches, fatigue, and muscle weakness.

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3. Make a new spring playlist

It’s a proven and well-known fact that listening to music can be beneficial to your fitness regimen. One study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports discovered that listening to up-tempo music can increase both exertion and enjoyment levels during exercise.

Amp up your excitement and output levels by giving your spring workout playlist a makeover of its own. Hoppy, energetic beats will get your heart going and match the spirit of the season. Try some of these seasonal playlist suggestions from Shape, or opt for some of PopSugar’s recommendations.

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Source: Thinkstock

4. Set realistic goals

When coming out of your winter hibernation, don’t push yourself too hard to get back into tip-top shape. The key to consistency is establishing realistic goals. Shape recommends allowing several weeks for your body to readjust to increased training. Stick to a steady routine and you’ll be back to peak physical conditions in no time — without risking discouragement or injuries in the process.

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5. Sign up for a race

Sources like Spark People have explained how advantageous a race can be for your workout regimen. Almost every town and city across America holds numerous local 5Ks — along with other types of races — throughout the season. Check out some of the options for yourself at Running In The USA.

Signing up for a run or even walk can help direct your efforts toward a specific goal. You’ll be less likely to ditch those morning runs and walks as the big day draws nearer!

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