Perfect Breakfast Sandwiches Start With These 6 Tools

Pancakes are good and a frittata is fine, but breakfast sandwiches trump just about every morning meal. They’re endlessly adaptable, and usually star a delicious combination of eggs, bacon, and cheese. While grabbing a takeout version will certainly be satisfying, you can hit a home run by making one yourself. These six tools will help you consistently make stellar sandwiches right in your own kitchen.

1. Toaster

Oster Toaster

Source: Amazon

Few things are more irritating than attempting to eat a sandwich with soggy bread, because it isn’t very appetizing, and it makes a complete mess. Give your sandwich a little more durability and a lot more flavor by toasting your bread first. We like Oster’s 4-Slice Toaster, because you can crisp enough carbs for two sandwiches at the same time. With seven settings, you can easily adjust it to suit how dark you like your bread. Best of all, the slots are extra-wide to accommodate thick slices of heartier loaves. Cleanup is also a breeze, because the removable crumb trays are dishwasher safe. You’ll never deal with another disintegrating sandwich again. Buy yours here.

2. Serrated Knife


Source: Amazon

You don’t need too many knives to cover all your cutting basics, but your collection should definitely include a serrated model. J.A. Henckels International’s Fine Edge Pro 8-Inch Bread Knife will glide right through any loaf, even the crusty ones. Made from high-quality stainless steel, you can count on this blade lasting for years. The fine teeth also make this the best tool for slicing through a delicate tomato without ripping the skin or squishing the fruit. If you’re making breakfast sandwiches for a crowd, you’ll also want to use your serrated knife to cut each masterpiece in half for a presentation that will wow your guests. Get one here.

3. Cheese Grater

OXO Grater

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If you’ve been slicing the cheese for your breakfast sandwiches, it’s time to graduate to grating. Shredded dairy melts more easily than slices, so you’ll never again be disappointed by a bite with semi-cold, rubbery cheese. Go with OXO’s Good Grips Box Grater to make quick work of everything from cheddar to Parmesan. The rubber base and handle ensure you won’t risk slipping and grating your knuckle. We especially like the attachable container, which allows for mess-free grating while also doubling as a way to measure the perfect amount of cheese. Shred a little extra in the morning, and you can speed through making a pizza later in the day. Find it here.

4. Wire Cooling Racks

Cooling Racks

Source: Amazon

There’s a better way to make bacon, and it has nothing to do with your stove. Macheesmo demonstrates an oven-method that turns out perfectly crisped bacon, without the splatters and constant maintenance. Try the method yourself by laying your slices on some cooling racks from Update International. These racks keep the bacon suspended, so the fat will drip away, eliminating the need to waste a bunch of paper towels afterwards. You can also save all those tasty drippings to fry some potatoes, or even the eggs to complete your breakfast sandwich. And don’t forget to pick up a quarter sheet tray or two from Nordic Ware, because they’re the perfect size to accommodate the cooling racks. Order the racks here, and the trays here.

5. Nonstick Skillet

Cuisinart Skillet

Source: Amazon

No breakfast sandwich is complete without eggs. Whether you like yours sunny-side up or scrambled, Cuisinart’s 7-Inch Open Skillet is the perfect pan. Just add a slick of oil or other cooking fat, and you’ll be amazed at how easily you can flip and stir without any sticking. The aluminum base ensures even heat, so you won’t end up with any undercooked or overcooked bits. To keep the surface scratch free, make sure to grab a spatula set from Wilton. They’re gentle on pans, but tough enough to handle the stove’s heat. With your new skillet, and spatula set you’ll be whipping out eggs like a short-order cook in no time.

6. Salad Spinner

Salad Spinner

Source: Amazon

Lots of morning sandwiches feature a solitary leaf of lettuce that adds a bit of color, but not a lot of flavor. When you get a taste of summer’s fresh arugula and other local lettuces, you’ll want to mound the greens on your between-bread breakfast. But cleaning and drying the delicate leaves can be a total pain without the right equipment. This salad spinner from Xtraordinary Home Products takes the hassle out of the process. It gets your greens perfectly dry without bruising, and you can even add dressing through the pour spout to cut down on dishes. Fewer bowls to clean makes any morning a good morning. Get one here.

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