6 Better Ways to Use Cookie Cutters When Baking Holiday Desserts

Cookie cutters are a fun way to bring holiday spirit to your snacks, and these handily shaped utensils can be used with much more than just cookie dough. Try adding some pizzazz to this year’s seasonal spread by using cookie cutters on some of your favorite cakes, pastries, and holiday-themed sweets. Guests will love the flare — not to mention the delicious tastes — of the snacks in your holiday selection! You’ll wow your friends and family with these 6 festively-shaped desserts for the holidays.

Christmas tree cookie cutter

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1. Christmas Tree Peppermint Bark

This Christmas Tree Peppermint Bark is “ridiculously easy to make yet an indulgent luxurious looking treat that’s great for gifting,” writes Tidy mom. Peppermint bark is a low-maintenance holiday dish that everyone with a sweet tooth can enjoy. Crushed candy cane blends beautifully with the taste of white and milk chocolate (or dark, if you prefer), while the Christmas tree shapes add a charming, homemade touch. This peppermint bark can keep in the fridge for up to 6 weeks, but we doubt it’ll last that long!

Visit Tidy Mom for the recipe.

Christmas cookie cutters

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2. Eggnog and Cinnamon Chip Snowflake Scones

“When I first made cinnamon chip scones I cut them the ‘normal’ scone way — by forming two rounds of dough and slicing the rounds into wedges — so I thought for this eggnog version, I’d add a festive touch by using a snowflake cookie cutter,” writes Erica’s Sweet Tooth. Eggnog is a hallmark of the holidays, and Erica incorporates the indulgent beverage into her Eggnog and Cinnamon Chip Snowflake Scones for a moist, decadent taste of the season. The snowflake shape offers additional flare, while a simple eggnog glaze brings the dish to completion.

Visit Erica’s Sweet Tooth for the recipe.

Gingerbread man cookie cutter

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3. Gingerbread Man Pancakes

“What breakfast could be better than these gingerbread pancakes on a cold snowy morning?” asks Real Housemoms. Spiced gingerbread is one of the most comforting flavors of the season, and your holiday guests will love waking up to the scent of these pancakes wafting through the hallway. You’ll love indulging in the rich, moist texture of this dish — particularly when pairing it with a cozy mug of tea or coffee. Try giving the pancakes a drizzle of light lemon glaze for a final irresistible touch. The recipe takes 25 minutes to make and yields 4 servings.

Visit Real Housemoms for the recipe.

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4. Peppermint Marshmallow Snowflakes

Hot cocoa irresistible enough on its own, but adding homemade marshmallows to the equation lends a new dimension of fun and flavor to the treat. “Homemade marshmallows are perfect for this time of year!” writes The Cake Blog, who adds a bit of chocolate and peppermint to her treats for extra taste. “Top a cup of steaming hot chocolate and watch it melt into a gooey topping that is out of this world delicious. First you taste the sweet marshmallow and then comes the chocolate and peppermint.” These Peppermint Marshmallow Snowflakes are delightful to enjoy on your own, but also make for a sensational homemade gift.

Visit The Cake Blog for the recipe.

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5. Red Velvet Stocking Cakes

“Were you naughty or nice this year? One bite of these Christmas stocking cakes will tell you,” writes She Knows. These luscious Red Velvet Stocking Cakes can be filled with candy (M&Ms) or “coal” (licorice) — but when it comes to red velvet cake, it’s safe to say everyone will walk away satisfied. This fabulous recipe yields 10-12 servings.

Visit She Knows for the recipe.

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6. Cookie Cutter Fudge

Chocolate Moosey calls this Cookie Cutter Fudge an “easy gift to make your family and friends for Christmas.” These party-perfect treats incorporate semisweet chocolate and peanut butter for a rich, lip-smacking dessert that everyone will love. The recipe takes just 20 minutes to make and yields about 6 servings. These fudge chunks are simple, creative, and indulgent — an ideal combination for the hectic holidays!

Visit Chocolate Moosey for the recipe.

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