6 Eco-Friendly Products Helping You Go Green in the Kitchen

Many of us have learned to adopt sustainable living practices over the years, with recycling, composting, and other eco-friendly habits now a part of our everyday lives. With the continued growth of brands devoted to sustainable habits, it’s easier than ever to bring those practices into your baking and cooking routines, as well. Invest in any of these six eco-friendly products to help make your kitchen greener than ever.

Stainless Steel Spoons

Source: Bed Bath & Beyond

1. Stainless Steel and Bamboo Kitchen Tool Set

This Stainless Steel and Bamboo Kitchen Tool Set consists of a slotted turner, a slotted spoon, and a solid spoon. Sleek and sophisticated in appearance, each piece was crafted with the earth’s best interests in mind. The handles are constructed from bamboo, one of the fastest-growing resources on the planet, while recycled stainless steel provides a durable and BPA-free finish. These beautiful pieces will last you for years to come! Buy your set here.

Source: The Container Store

2. LunchSkins Snack and Sandwich Bags

Cut down your plastic wrap and baggie usage with these handy and stylish LunchSkins Sandwich and Snack Bags. These reusable, easy-to-clean packs come in a variety of colors and designs, offering an extra bit of flair to your on-the-go eats. Sandwiches, crackers, chips, and more fit comfortably into the BPA-free and dishwasher-safe pouches. Order your own here.

Source: Walmart

3. EcoSponge

Reduce kitchen waste by investing in an EcoSponge. The product consists of a durable sponge sewn inside super-absorbent Viscose fabric, a material that eliminates the bacteria growth typical in its cellulose alternatives. The machine-washable EcoSponge is built to last, perfect for delicate cleanings as well as high-intensity scrubs. Buy your sponge now.

Source: Wayfair

4. Silpat Baking Mat

Banish the need for parchment paper in your kitchen by investing in a simple solution: a Silpat Baking Mat. This nonstick mat allows you to cook your meals, snacks, and desserts evenly in the oven, preventing your foods from sticking to the pan in the process. Silpat’s reusable sheets are made from a silicone-reinforced glass weave and are effective in temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. They’re available in a wide variety of sizes, so take your pick and get started! Select yours here.

Source: Bambeco

5. Bambeco Linen Napkins

These lush Linen Napkins from Bambeco are pricier than the paper alternative, but their durable fabrics will last you for years to come. Linen, one of the world’s oldest textiles, is an eco-friendly derivative of the flax plant. The fabric makes a great solution for napkins, paper towels, tablecloths, and more due to its high absorbency rates and overall resilience. The napkins are machine-washable and come in a wide selection of colors and patterns. Get your own here.

Bambu Cutting Boards

Source: Amazon

6. Extra-Large Bamboo Cutting Board

No chef will get too far in the kitchen without a reliable cutting board on hand. For a sustainable answer to all your kitchen prep needs, opt for an extra-large Bambu Undercut Cutting Board. The boards are available in four different sizes, each with a beautiful bamboo finish. But they’re much more than just fashion statements — they’re great for the environment, too! You can order the boards here.

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