6 Extraordinary Islands You Can Rent for a Private Vacation

Private islands aren’t just reserved for the billionaires of the world. In fact, some of them are quite a bargain: Consider what you’re getting out of the deal, if you’re just willing to splurge! Private beach access, accommodations, a natural landscape all to yourself. Relax, swim, enjoy the wildlife, go boating, or do all of the above — for one whole week, it’s your island, and your island alone — so make the most of it! These six islands are by no means cheap, but they certainly are reasonable in exchange for the luxury of a private island getaway. Leave the cell phone at home and forget about your cares for a week. These islands are just a payment, a flight, and a ferry ride away!

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1. Little Deadman’s Cay (Bahamas) – $1,975 per week

Little Deadman’s Cay is a cozy, 9.5-acre paradise located three-quarters of a mile offshore from Long Island in the Caribbean — and surprisingly, the price isn’t too astronomical. The island was first settled upon by a shipwrecked sailor who ended up marrying a native and building a home on this beautiful patch of secluded tropical land. The beachfront home that currently occupies the island is built on the same site as the original. This beachside escape with two small coves is an ideal getaway for those who desire some peace and quiet — along with access to pristine, unspoiled Caribbean beaches.

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2. Veli Rat (Croatia) – $1,840 per week

The secluded Mediterranean getaway of Veli Rat is almost too good to be true: Awe-inspiring bay vistas, pebble beaches, and lush green pines await you on this charming isle. The southwestern cape of the property offers lighthouse accommodations for up to seven visitors. During your stay, be sure to visit nearby Kornati National Park and Telascica Nature Park, or simply spend your days swimming, lounging, and spotting all the different species of fish you can in the crystal-clear sea water. Just under 2 miles away lie the scenic coastal villages of Veli Rat, Verunic, and Polje, should you wish to get any provisions — or perhaps a taste of the local flavor.

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3. Whipray Caye Lodge (Belize) – $1,050 per week

Whipray Caye is located 8 miles off the coast of gorgeous Placencia, Belize. The azure waters surrounding this island consist of excellent permit fishing opportunities, making this escape a fisherman’s (or fisherwoman’s) dream. Feel your troubles melt away as you unwind and enjoy island life. This island offers an optional full-service benefit, which involves a personal introduction to island life from owners Julian and Beverly Cabral. During your stay, be sure to take advantage of complimentary snorkeling equipment as well as the complimentary see-through kayak, which provides unforgettable views of the aquatic life around you.

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4. Oar Island (Maine, United States) – $2,700 per week

Oar Island‘s 38 acres are located in Muscongus Bay, just a quarter-mile from the mainland, giving your stay the secluded feel that every vacation so needs without sacrificing the convenience of nearby entertainment and provisions, should they be required. The shorefront is located just 15 feet outside your domicile’s door. Enjoy a dip in the water, head out on a boat to catch some fish, or visit the nearby marina for shopping — and to check out the selection of locally harvested lobsters and clams. Stargazers will love seeing the sky lit up at night in the ink-black sky above Oar Island.

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5. Isla del Castillo del Burguillo (Spain) – $3,680 per week

If you’ve ever wanted to feel like royalty, then Isla del Castillo del Burguillo is the getaway for you. This island is home to a beautiful, two-story Spanish castle surrounded by 2 lush acres of vineyards and pine forests. The island is located in the Burguillo reservoir of Avila, Spain, famed for its natural beauty. The island’s accommodations can comfortably hold up to 10 visitors, and your party will not be wanting for activities: take a hike through the enchanting and secluded wilderness, try your hand at various water sports, take a ride out on the boat, or study the unique wildlife in the Natural Park of the Valley of Iruelas (Valle de Iruelas) bird sanctuary.

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6. Ile de Chantemesle (France) – $3,943 per week

Just 45 minutes from Paris — and even nearer to Claude Monet’s renowned Giverny estate — lies the beautiful Ile de Chantemesle. The island boasts 25 acres of land, on which your house — containing five double bedrooms to comfortably sleep 10 guests — is situated. The property also offers an enchanting paradise of parklands, an orchard, greenhouses, a vegetable garden, farmyard animals, a tennis court, and a swimming pool — all waiting to be used by you! Just a stone’s throw from the island is the village of La Roche-Guyon, ranked one of the most beautiful villages in all of France, according to the Val d’Oise Department of Tourism.

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