6 New Bathroom Trends for 2014

2014 bathroom trends

Source: DesignMine

The modern bathroom is not what it used to be. Homeowners demand more of their small, guest, big, or master bathroom. A simple toilet, shower, and sink are just not cutting it anymore. That is why we have found six new bathroom trends that are gaining momentum in 2014.

1. Spa-Like Features

Did you know the bathroom is the most trafficked room in the home? As such, it should be a room you are excited about visiting. That is why homeowners, decorators, and contractors are implementing spa-like features into bathrooms across America. Whether it’s a rainfall shower head, a whirlpool bath, or even heated floors, homeowners are turning their once dull bathroom into a spa-like getaway.

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custom walk in shower

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2. Large & Custom Showers

No matter the size of the bathroom, homeowners not only want—but demand—large, custom showers. If given the choice, many are tearing out the tub to make room for a more luxurious, frameless shower with multiple shower heads and a rainfall above.

In fact, some homeowners are even asking about tiling the entire bathroom and converting it into a shower. If that doesn’t display the current trend, I don’t know what does.

If you’re thinking about updating your bathroom, be sure to contact your local bathroom remodeling pros.

bathroom storage ideas

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3. Smart Storage

No matter whom you ask—men or woman, adults or children—everyone wants more storage. Given space constraints, contractors can’t add long drawers. Instead, you have to be smart with the storage you have available.

Designers are going vertical when it comes to bathroom storage. They add cabinets going up that save valuable square footage. Contractors add small drawers with dividers, perfect for organizing all your bathroom toiletries. Finally, homeowners ask for outlets within the cabinets so the electric toothbrush doesn’t have to sit out in the open.

If you need more small bathroom storage ideas, be sure to check out 6 Design Ideas That Make The Most of Your Small Bathroom.

bathroom soaking tub

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4. Soaking Tubs

Even though many homeowners are opting for bigger showers, there are still those who love to relax in their bathtub after a long day. That is why a hot bathroom trend for 2014 has been the transformation from Jacuzzis to soaking tubs.

Homeowners want a quiet getaway. They also want a paradise experience in the confines of their own bathroom. More often than not, the large soaking tubs are deep, round and simple, forgoing all those surrounding and complicated features that come with most Jacuzzis.

Floating Vanities

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5. Dueling Vanities

You may have the best marriage in the world, but there are times when we need our space, and more homeowners want that space in the bathroom. Therefore, we demand dueling vanities with enough room for his and her sinks/storage. In fact, much like larger showers, even homeowners with smaller master bathrooms are asking for dueling vanities.

Additionally, to save on square footage and usable space, we are seeing a big increase in floating vanities and faucets that overhang directly from the wall.

bathroom lighting

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6. Natural Light

In the morning, you want to feel refreshed and ready. Natural sunlight, depending when you wake up, gives you that burst of energy you need to start the day.

Even though we are most vulnerable in our bathrooms, homeowners still value natural sun. More or larger windows are key. In fact, some homeowners are even adding skylights.

If you want more natural sun in your bathroom, contact local window pros to get a fair and accurate estimate.

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