6 of the Most Popular Types of Windows

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There are specific window styles that show well with modern homes and others that spark imaginations with traditional houses. Given the numerous window designs being used today, we can understand why so many homeowners dwell over the design and feel of their windows. Whether you are installing a window or repairing a window, the following style guide will assist any property owner looking to bring new life to their home.

1. Picture Window

When it comes to window designs, pictures are the most basic and easy to install. As the name suggests, this window style creates a portrait-style space on the walls. In simpler terms, if installed in the right home with the right layout, it should look like a piece of art hanging on your wall, both from the inside and out. Unlike some of the other styles mentioned below, picture windows do not open, can fit within any home style, and are cheaper to install. Those homeowners who love natural light will want to install picture windows as they bring in the most obtainable light.

2. Casement Window

A casement window looks much like a picture window, but it actually opens. Many casement windows open outward and therefore, have a handle or hand crank to slowly open the window. Other casement windows can just be pushed open. Homeowners who like to save money during the summer by turning off their air conditioning find great use in casement windows. They are perfect for grabbing gusts of air and redirecting it inside the home.

Casement windows are very easy to clean, as many homeowners choose to take on this simple DIY project themselves, but others decide to hire the professionals. See the average costs in your area by viewing our window cleaning cost estimators.

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3. Hung Window

One of the most popular window styles is of course hung, where the window slides vertically. Many homeowners go with the single hung windows, where only the bottom can be adjusted, but some spend the extra penny to go with double hung windows. Hung windows are particularly popular with traditional designs, but more recently, designers are starting to pair them with arched windows or tilt-wash, giving them more of a modern touch.

Given that they don’t take up any interior or exterior space while open or closed, hung windows are popular in smaller rooms, such as a bathroom or hallway, and can be installed in any wood or vinyl setting.

4. Slider Window

Much like hung windows, in both popularity and simplicity, slider windows have one side that opens in a single, but can also be updated to a double. Many homeowners go with sliding windows, as they tend to be the easiest to open and provide good air circulation to any room (especially with a double slider window). Much like its hung brother, slider windows are also ideal for smaller rooms or areas that you don’t want to obstruct (like a patio or hallway).

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5. Awning Window

Awning windows, much like picture or hung windows, look exactly how they sound. Awning windows are attached at the top and open outward. The window, or awning, protects the open area so no rain or snow leaks into the home. Awning windows are great in bathrooms (carefully placed of course) and can easily be opened using a crank or handle. Screens can also be added to awning windows for additional protection.

6. Bay and Bow Windows

When it comes to window designs, bay and bow windows take the cake. Bay and bow windows are composed of three (bay), four (bow) or more windows adjoined at equal angles to produce a unique curve to the home. Bay and bow windows are used in larger spaces that can be viewed from the outside. As a result, this window style is popular for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms. Much like a large picture window, they also allow for plenty of natural sunlight. Bay and bow windows are more expensive to install and can be composed of any combination of the styles above.


Now that you have seen all the window types and styles, it is time to install your brand new windows. See how much each style will cost or let us help you find a local contractor in your area today.

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