6 Recipes Adding BroccoLeaf to Your Healthy Vegetable Rotation

Tired of eating and cooking with the same old leafy greens? It may be time to bid farewell to kale, collards, and spinach, and welcome the latest superfood into your kitchen: BroccoLeaf. Prevention explains that BroccoLeaf is the nutrient-packed leaves of the broccoli plant, which until recently were typically discarded by farmers during the broccoli cultivation process. Good news, though — it’s finally BroccoLeaf’s time to shine.

There are endless possibilities that come with cooking BroccoLeaf. The Produce News suggests sauteing, baking, and cooking with it, or working it into a standard salad or smoothie. Interestingly, the BroccoLeaf is being promoted by The Nunes Company, which specializes in the fresh vegetable industry. It was first brought to the company’s attention by one of its growers, who realized the leafy green had unlimited cooking potential. The Produce News explains that The Nunes Company then began marketing BroccoLeaf through its Foxy produce brand.

We’re excited about this super healthy veggie, which will enhance your dishes with flavor that’s similar to sugar snap peas. After reading about these six recipes, we know you’ll be ready to jump on board the BroccoLeaf bandwagon, too!

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Roasted Butternut Squash with BroccoLeaf Greens

We’re sure you’ll see BroccoLeaf’s endless possibilities after preparing this delicious recipe. Food Confidence has created an easy and elegant meal that is even tastier thanks to the leafy green veggie’s sweet and mild flavor. “I love this dish for it’s simplicity. Nothing but the oven! Usually you would have to saute the greens separately but the BroccoLeaf is actually roasted in the oven with the squash.”

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Green with Envy Egg White Frittata

BroccoLeaf shouldn’t just be applauded for its fabulous flavor. Click On Detroit points out that it is also extraordinarily healthy and perfect for boosting your immune system — just one serving provides 100% of your recommended daily amount of vitamin C. You’ll also get a solid serving of both vitamins A and D, in addition to cell-protecting antioxidants.

The Nunes Company suggests taking advantage of this vibrant vegetable by incorporating it into a flavorful frittata. The sauteed BroccoLeaf and tomatoes are mixed with “Kalamata olives, soft and fresh ricotta, egg whites and herbed Parmesan cheese, studded with breadcrumbs, then baked till fluffy.”

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Well + Good explains that this leafy green is becoming more common and is now being offered at grocery stores in bundles, similar to Swiss chard and lettuce leaves. Furthermore, Well + Good notes that it’s much cheaper than other leafy greens, such as kale, and that we will begin to see it pop up in more stores across the country. “It sells for 99 cents at lots of grocers across the country, and come November it should be more widely available on the East Coast.”

The BroccoLeaf can help you create inexpensive, nutritious, and delicious dinner dishes, which is exactly what you’ll get with The Better Show’s Greensadillas. The recipe calls for tomatoes, mozzarella, and egg whites, and gets inventive by using BroccoLeaf to create your tortilla. It’s certainly a creative way to start serving this new superfood for supper!

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BroccoLeaf and Purple Stir Fry

While BroccoLeaf is just starting to show up in our kitchens, The Californian explains that farmers have been using broccoli leaves for years. They often use the nutrient-dense leaves as a way to cleanse and nourish their soil. Despite it being used to replenish the earth, it has taken people years to realize just how valuable this veggie is to eat. “We know how fantastic broccoli leaves are for the soil, but nobody considered it a viable produce item,” Tom Nunes V, vice president of operations for Foxy Produce, told The Californian. “Everyone in our industry’s been trying to find the next kale, and BroccoLeaf has been staring all of us in the face for decades.”

One of the best ways to reap BroccoLeaf’s benefits is by following Natural Living’s recipe, which combines the leafy green, carrots, broccoli, purple beans, garlic, onion, rice, and coconut oil to create a vibrant, vitamin-packed stir fry. With all of those healthy ingredients, how can you possibly resist this dish?

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Sweet Broccoli Leaf, Fruit, Fat, and  Protein Smoothie

If you’re a gardener who produces an abundance of broccoli, there’s a good chance you won’t even have to pick up BroccoLeaf at a grocery store. In fact, Garden Mentors explains you may already be unknowingly harvesting the leaves. When you’re harvesting your big, central broccoli crown, a few of the leaves are often cut as well — just make sure to intentionally cut a few, remove the mid-rib, and you can then use it for cooking. A couple of things to keep in mind: Remove the lower leaves first, and only take a few from the plant each time.

Once you have your leaves, Garden Mentors recommends getting a “high powered blender to fully macerate all the whole food ingredients in this tasty smoothie.” Peaches, strawberries, bananas, lime, leafy greens, and ginger create a refreshing drink that will get your day off to a nutritious start.

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Sautéed Broccoli Greens

You can use BroccoLeaf to create dishes that are as difficult or as simple as you’d like them to be. Sautéing them is almost effortless, yet creates a superb side that’s filled with fresh flavors. Green onion, rosemary, garlic, bacon grease, salt, and pepper work together to enhance the subtly sweet BroccoLeaf flavor. You’ll be amazed at just how minimal this recipe is; it requires you to tear, chop, and mince your ingredients, and then saute them in the heated bacon grease. You’ll know this dish is done when the leaves are nice and wilted.

The bacon fat ensures this side will pair perfectly with a main course that centers around meat. In fact, Primal Palate suggests that you “enjoy this dish alongside a cut of steak for some sturdy, in-season comfort food.”

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