6 Recipes Taking Advantage of Millennials’ Favorite Food Trends

A stroll through any trendy urban neighborhood will give you a quick sense of what younger customers value in their dining today. Streets are lined with authentic cultural joints, versatile quick-service spots like Chipotle, clean eating salad bars, and more.

QSR Magazine, a food industry trade publication, offers some insights on millennial eating patterns that are dictating the current market. While QSR’s millennial dietary habit list may employ certain generalizations, it’s a great road map to the food trends that have gained popularity among today’s youth, with freshness, authenticity, and innovation being chief priorities.

Millennials will love these 6 recipes capitalizing on today’s hottest food trends!

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1. Cochinita Pibil (Slow-Roasted Mexican Pork)

“Cochinita Pibil is such a rewarding dish,” writes blogger Mariana McEnroe of Yes, More Please. “A little love and effort go a long way.” There’s a lot to love about this tangy, addictive entrée, and it holds a special allure for millennials with a penchant for culturally authentic dishes.

QSR reports that millennials are always on the hunt for recipes highlighting the genuine character of a people. Offering a fusion of Spanish and Mayan influences, this Mexican Cochinita Pibil is one of the Yucatan region’s signature dishes. It’s about as authentic as you can get without an outdoor charcoal pit on hand!

Visit Yes, More Please! for the recipe.

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2. Aussie Beef Burger With Bacon, Egg, and Fried Onions

Although scientific and nutritional advances have curried favor for “clean eating” habits in recent years, millennials take a no-holds-barred approach when springing for junk food. Take, for instance, this mile-high burger from Cafe Delites. Blogger Karina Carrel sums up the dish with concise elegance: “Steaming hot burger patties fresh off the pan, made with an Aussie staple. Beer.” The laundry list of ingredients includes everything from eggs and bacon to grilled pineapple and fried onion rings.

Visit Cafe Delites for the recipe.

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3. One-Pot Thai Quinoa and Veggie Bowl

In spite of those occasional indulgences, millennial eating habits focus heavily on locally sourced foods, whole grains, and fresh ingredients, QSR claims. Quinoa has become a favorite whole grain (seed, actually) in recent years, packed with protein and fiber and making a great substitute for rice in recipes like this One-Pot Thai Quinoa Bowl. “With one pot, some chopped veggies, an addicting peanut sauce, this bowl instantly becomes a healthy dish because of the quinoa,” explains blogger Megan Link.

Visit The Housewife In Training Files for the recipe.

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4. Home-Baked Pizza

Food service has been trending toward widely customizable offerings in recent years, QSR notes. This serving style allows each individual’s tastes and desires to be met (think Chipotle-style customizability, catering to all palates), a pattern that has gained major traction with millennial diners.

Kendall-Jackson’s versatile homemade pizza recipe fits the bill for this need. Blogger Lauren Kelp writes, “It’s super fun to make, highly customizable, and it can be as fancy or as casual as you want to make it.” Spring for her recommended pesto, prosciutto, and gorgonzola variety, or be as creative as you’d like!

Visit Kendall-Jackson for the recipe.

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5. Korean Pork Tacos

We’ve already mentioned how gung-ho millennials are about cultural exploration in the kitchen, and that goes for fusion dishes as well. Mixing passions for authentic cultural cuisines and culinary innovation, the younger set has taken a keen liking to ethnic combinations like these Korean Bulgogi BBQ Pork Tacos from Half Baked Harvest. As blogger Tieghan Gerard writes: “These are Mexican-Korean fusion food at its best. They may even be one of my very favorite tacos. For me, it’s all about that tomatillo sauce, so stinking awesome.”

Visit Half Baked Harvest for the recipe.

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6. Krispy Kreme Chocolate Brownies

Fusion dishes? Check. Indulgent dishes? Check. Now it’s time to get even crazier in the kitchen, combining those concepts into one decadent mashup: Krispy Kreme Chocolate Brownies from Foodness Gracious. Blogger Gerry Speirs writes, “The donuts fused with the brownie mix but still left a rich layer of chocolate goo, and stayed true to their name, becoming a smidge crispy.” The dish takes 50 minutes to complete and makes 12 brownies.

Visit Foodness Gracious for the recipe.

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