6 Skillet Dessert Recipes for Sensational Sweets

Sturdy and non-stick cast-iron skillets are a home chef’s dream. These skillets are frequently called for in savory recipes, but are also an incredibly helpful tool in creating inventive, delightful, and beautifully-textured dessert dishes of all kinds. Even the most elementary cook can whip up some of these simple, tantalizing sweets at home, armed with just a simple cast-iron skillet.

These 6 skillet dessert recipes will satisfy even the pickiest sweet tooth!

Peach Cobbler and Vanilla Ice Cream

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Caramelized Peach and White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie Pie

With all the incredible-sounding adjectives in the title of this dish, it’s hard to tell where all the deliciousness begins. As Half Baked Harvest explains, “The peaches stay on the bottom in the sweet self made caramel sauce and the oatmeal cookie studded with white chocolate gets baked right on top.” This all adds up to layers upon layers of perfection. The Caramelized Peach and White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie Pie takes just 35 minutes to make and yields 4-6 servings. Grab a spoon and get ready to dig in!

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Cardamom Pear Crisp

“Cloaked in a cardamom blanket, the warm sweetened pears spill out the sides of the buttery oat crumble,” Snixy Kitchen says of her Cardamom Pear Crisp. Making a crisp in your skillet will consistently yield a perfectly-textured dish: warm and melty bottom layers with a crispy and buttery top. This one is no different! Distinctively spiced with cardamom, the dessert creation is best enjoyed along with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. Recipe makes 6 irresistible servings.

Round Yellow Sponge Cake, Vanilla

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Almond Cake With Red Wine Plums

“The crunchy, sugary crust is delicious,” the Cookery Wife raves about her Almond Cake With Red Wine Plums. The dish begins with a buttery, nutty almond cake base, and as the cake cooks, it develops an irresistibly crispy outer layer. You’ll prepare the accompanying plums in a skillet as well, infusing them with the zesty flavors of lemon and orange, along with cinnamon and red wine, both of which add some depth to the sweet, light fruit. The plums and their sauce complement the simple, rich cake beautifully. Recipe yields 1 (12-inch) skillet cake with topping.

Cinnamon danish, sticky bun, cinnamon roll

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Giant Cinnamon Roll

The word “giant” is always a welcome descriptor to phrase “cinnamon roll” in our books. Daring Baker Duluth testifies to the dish’s excellence, writing “These flavors are a total knockout and the skillet method creates endless layers of gooey goodness where almost every bite is the soft and warm center of a cinnamon roll that we all love!” The cinnamon roll itself has a carrot-vanilla base, accented by a delicate orange-cinnamon filling. This is all topped off with a melt-in-your-mouth cream cheese glaze. Hard to resist, right? Luckily, this Giant Cinnamon Roll recipe yields 8-10 servings of deliciousness. Note: To produce standard-sized rolls, cut the dough into smaller pieces to yield 2-3 dozen rolls.

Apple Pie, Whipped Cream, Caramel

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Pumpkin Pecan Cake With Salted Butterscotch Glaze

This Pumpkin Pecan Cake With Salted Butterscotch Glaze offers a wonderful balance of flavors. “It’s quite a nice fall treat- not heavily pumpkin-flavored, and it has a nice texture with some pecan crunch hidden inside,” comments Recipe Girl. It’s true that the recipe is a knockout, no matter the time of year. A moist, lightly-spiced pumpkin cake base is topped with a sweet butterscotch glaze, while a sprinkling of flaky sea salt brings the dish to a whole new level. Recipe takes 45 minutes to make and yields 10 servings.

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Maple Syrup Pudding Cake

“This is a lovely sweet cake, reminiscent of warm, syrup soaked pancakes,” writes Seasons and Suppers. The dish is a fluffy cross between pudding and cake, topped with an amazing cream and maple syrup glaze. To make it a true piece of perfection, serve alongside vanilla ice cream. The Maple Syrup Pudding Cake takes 40 minutes to make and yields 6 servings.

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