6 Thrift Store Finds You Can Easily Repurpose

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Thrift stores, while dirty or dingy at times, have proven to save many homeowners hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars. On the surface, that old turtleneck or run-down dresser may look destined for the garbage, but with a little creativity and TLC, can turn into a thrift store DIY masterpiece.

Thrifting Tips

Before we get into actual thrift store finds, we have to first discuss two thrift store basics: color and clothes. Bright or different colors can bring out the best in virtually any piece of furniture. If you see something you like but hate the color, don’t get discouraged. Paint has the ability to transform anything. Besides that, painting is cheap. Then again, if you want to hire a painting pro, the costs will surely go up.

Purchasing clothes at thrift stores and then altering them into something more fashionable is also cheap. You can turn almost any turtleneck or old sweater into a gorgeous blouse or even Halloween costume for your kids.

Better get out that sewing kit.

1. Old Suitcases = Dresser or End Tables

Every good thrift store will have their fair share of old suitcases. While the color certainly leaves room for imagination, the space and vintage charm they bring to numerous rooms is just as good as any dresser you will find.

Bargain and try to buy two or three suitcases. Then, take them home and stack them on top of each other. This tactic is commonly used for an end table in a bedroom or a living room. If you need more space for clothes, use them as extra storage under the bed.

2. Old Frames = Old Photos

Despite the fact that all personal photos are taken with a phone nowadays, some of us still enjoy the actual feel and real-life sight of aphysical photograph. Fortunately, thrift stores around the country are littered with old frames perfect for such photos.

If you buy frames that don’t match, use them in your bathroom, basement or just display during special occasions. Even more imaginative, we have seen some homeowners use them to house photos on their wedding tables.

If you are looking for other ways to save money on your home décor, check out ImproveNet’s 5 ideas for remodeling a bathroom on a budget.

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

3. Old Napkins = Vintage Table Décor

Believe or not, there are beautiful napkins waiting to be purchased at thrift stores around the country. While most napkins are made of paper, some neglected ones are made of linen, which is perfect for a dinner party or any family get-together. In fact, even if you don’t want to use the napkins, wrap them around your silverware for a colorful décor option.

4. Old Chairs = Extra Closet

Our next thrift store repurpose takes a little imagination. Believe it or not, many homeowners take old wooden chairs and hang them on their walls to use as extra closet space. It’s open shelving in your bedroom. Needless to say, you will need a few chairs and extra wall space, but if you’re really desperate for closet space, you may want to try this thrift store DIY tip.

5. Old Trashcan = End Table

Remember when I said paint could cure almost all thrift store finds? Well, colorful or new paint is perfect for old trashcans. Not only will bright or bold color make it look like new again, but once you give it a good cleaning, metal trashcans can turn into the most stunning end tables around the home.

6. Old Wine Bottles = Chandelier

We saved the best for last. Even better, you may not have to go to the thrift store for this DIY project. If you see green, yellow or other light wine bottles hanging around a thrift store, ask the manager to take them off their hands. Old wine bottles have been known to make the most eye-catching and creative chandeliers across the country. Some even use them as lamps in the bedroom.

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