7 Fun and Festive Dishes to Enjoy for Your Birthday Breakfast

On your birthday, the festivities should begin the moment you wake up — after all, this day only comes once a year! A great way to kick off the morning is by feasting on a birthday breakfast that’s filled with sweets, sprinkles, frosting, and funfetti. To help you get your birthday off to a delicious start, we’ve compiled 7 recipes that transform pancakes, waffles, and cinnamon rolls into decadent sprinkle-covered, cake-like dishes. We guarantee there is no better way to start your special day!

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Three-Tiered Cinnamon Roll Cake

Rather than starting your day with a slice of standard cake, we suggest sitting down to a Three-Tiered Cinnamon Roll Cake for your birthday breakfast. It is just as delicious as it sounds: three heavenly layers of cinnamon rolls are stacked on top of each other and then coated in a rich cream cheese frosting. Please note that this isn’t a quick dish to pull together. It’s best to prepare it the day before, particularly since the dough needs plenty of time to rise.

1 Fine Cookie promises that even cake haters will fall in love with this morning delight: “The rest you of you who genuinely do not like cake, I have a solution for you. Make this for the holidays, for a wedding, or for a birthday. It’s delicious and unique. With a cooked (Yes, cooked I say) cream cheese frosting, which renders the original cream cheese frosting recipe just another man’s buttercream. It’s that good.”

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Funfetti Cake Batter Waffles

Plain old waffles just won’t cut it on your special day. Instead, you need a thick, fluffy waffle that’s filled with colorful, cake-like flavors. In addition to tasting terrific, this is also a fairly quick dish to whip up, ensuring you have a festive and low-maintenance breakfast to enjoy on your birthday.

Lovin From the Oven has a few suggestions on how to make these wondrous waffles even more indulgent: “These waffles taste just like cake. You’re basically eating cake for breakfast in a waffle form. They’re quite sweet and you don’t even need to add maple syrup. You can eat them as is and that’d be enough. However, if you were making these for a birthday breakfast, then you’d need extra sprinkles, whipped cream, maple syrup, and chocolate syrup to go on the side. I mean, who am I to cut back on birthdays?”

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Birthday Cake Pancakes

If you prefer flapjacks over waffles, these Birthday Cake Pancakes are perfect for you. While the recipe calls for many standard ingredients — like flour, milk, eggs, and baking powder — it also uses yellow cake mix, which adds a sweeter element to the dish. The glorious glaze is what truly sets these pancakes apart from the rest; it consists of powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla bean paste.

She Knows delivers a cake-like dish that is absolutely acceptable to eat for breakfast. “Who would love to have cake for breakfast? If you are like us, then you have your hand raised. Unfortunately it’s not always feasible to sit down for breakfast and eat a giant slice of cake. Lucky for you we have put the flavor of cake into a pancake. Now it’s acceptable to eat cake for breakfast! Plus if it’s a special occasion they look pretty cute with a candle on top.” Don’t forget to douse your pancakes in sprinkles!

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Crepe Cake

Layers of crepes and cream topped with a pile of raspberries and powdered sugar create the ultimate birthday breakfast. Something to keep in mind: Before you can assemble your cake and add the pastry cream, the crepes will need to cool, so plan ahead. You can even make your crepes the night before, and let them cool unwrapped overnight. The wait is well worth it, though. Each bite you take will be filled with lovely flavors from the delicate crepes and fluffy lemon mascarpone creme.

If you’ve never made a crepe cake before, don’t be intimidated! Honestly Yum includes plenty of great tips to help you prepare it, and recommends that you use a non-stick pan. “Keep the temperature at a medium low heat and do not butter the pan! Butter will make the batter soggy – making it difficult to flip. If you are using a non stick pan, there is no need for butter. As you are pouring the batter, lift the pan and rotate it quickly so the batter spreads evenly.” An easy-to-make crepe cake may sound too good to be true, but this recipe makes it possible!

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Baked Birthday Cake Donuts

Soft, airy, and magnificently moist, it’ll be hard to find a breakfast that’s more festive than these Baked Birthday Cake Donuts. You’ll also love how unbelievably easy it is to make them. The recipe calls for basic ingredients, such as flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, eggs, butter, and vanilla, and nutmeg, and is topped off with a simple, sweet, and colorful glaze.

If you’d prefer to skip the glaze, Feeding My Addiction promises these morning treats are just as good without any toppings. “These honestly taste really good plain, too! Top it with whatever toppings you like! Coconut works really well with the vanilla-y birthday cake!” We know what we’ll be enjoying on our birthdays.

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Easy Donut Hole Cake Pops

Thanks to store-bought donut holes, Lovely Little Kitchen delivers a birthday breakfast that’s stunningly sweet and unbelievably easy. “We’ve got all the cuteness of a cake pop, but you don’t have to bake a cake… or mix it with frosting… or scoop it into balls.You just melt your chocolate or candy coating, dip the lollipop stick a tiny bit into the melted chocolate, and press it into the top of your cake donut hole that you bought in the bakery section of your grocery store. This will keep it from falling off the stick when you are dipping.”

After you dip your cake pops in melted chocolate, you can then proceed to decorate them with the sprinkles of your choice. We suggest bringing these fun birthday treats to the office — your co-workers will love participating in your delicious birthday celebration!

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Vanilla Cake Batter Muffin Tops

Lemon Tree Dwelling sums this recipe up perfectly. “Vanilla Muffin Tops + Rainbow Sprinkles + Powdered Sugar Glaze + More Rainbow Sprinkles = a VERY happy birthday breakfast!!” To make the muffin tops, you’ll combine sugar, eggs, flour, baking powder, milk, butter, vanilla extract, and sprinkles, which will add bright and festive colors to your muffins. You’ll then coat your muffins with a powdered sugar glaze, and then proceed to decorate your dish with even more sprinkles.

We suggest taking this recipe a step farther by turning it into a mini-cake. You can do this by simply stacking a few muffin tops on top of each other, and then drizzling them with the glaze and sprinkles. Don’t stop there, though. Add a few candles and make a wish!

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