7 of the Best Home Workouts You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less

Working out doesn’t need to be expensive or time consuming. There are plenty of workouts you can do in your living room, a hotel room, or even during a 30-minute lunch break in your office, with some light equipment or your own body weight.

Here is a list of home (or office) workouts created or recommended by fitness experts, so you can be sure they will help you meet your fitness goals. And, all of them can be completed in 30 minutes or less, so you can fit them into a busy schedule. Use the list below to find a routine that works for you.

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1. 7 Minute Workout Apps

A seven minute workout app offers high-intensity circuit training. Chris Jordan, who helped Johnson & Johnson’s Human Performance Institute research and develop a 7 minute workout app, explained the benefits with a co-researcher in an article published in the American College of Sports Medicine Journal. By completing resistance exercises that work several muscle groups with little rest in between, you can efficiently lose fat without working out for hours on end.

In addition to Johnson & Johnson’s app, the 7 Minute Workout Challenge and a similar workout app designed by the New York Times are among the apps available on Apple and Android devices that help you get a high-intensity workout in seven minutes.

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2. The American Council on Exercise’s At-Home (No Equipment) Workout

This workout – which includes hip abductions, variations on plank, push-ups, and lunges – is designed to be completed two or three times each week. The council recommends one to three sets of each movement or, if you want a more strenuous workout, turning the routine into a circuit, resting only after you have completed every exercise, one immediately after the other.

The workout requires no equipment, and the council includes warm-up and cool-down stretches you can add on to the routine.

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3. The American College of Sports Medicine’s strength training program for your home

This routine is designed to help you focus on toning muscles. It requires some light equipment, including a few dumbbells or resistance bands and a stability ball.

The college says to complete one to three sets of about a dozen repetitions of each exercise, which include squats, chest presses, and shoulder presses. Instructions and alternatives for each movement are provided as well. The college also offer various pieces of advice, such as remembering to breathe as you exercise, and varying your movements if they become boring. Lastly, it says you shouldn’t be afraid to contact a personal trainer if you need additional advice on how to create your own home workout.

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4. 20-Minute Total Body Medicine Ball Workout

For this routine, designed by personal trainer and health coach Chris Freytag, all you need is a medicine ball and some time. It combines strength exercises and cardio, and will help you work on your stability and core strength, according to Freytag.

The workout combines movements such as medicine-ball slams, medicine-ball pushups, medicine-ball plank jacks, and others. You will spend one minute on each exercise, then rest for 10 seconds. And, Freytag writes, you can complete the routine twice in 20 minutes.

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5. Hotel Room Workout

Fitness expert Ben Greenfield has designed a variety of quick workouts that you can do with a flight of stairs, at the park with your family, or at the gym, along with more intensive training programs that focus on your overall health.

This workout (scroll down to number eight) requires only some furniture you are likely to find in a hotel room or your home. It combines jumping, lunges, and dips for a workout that will get your heart rate up in almost no time at all.

Greenfield recommends doing this routine three times a day – before breakfast, after lunch, and before dinner.

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6. Complete Core BOSU Workout

This workout, designed by American Council on Exercise board member Shannon Fable, requires a BOSU Balance Trainer, which looks similar to a stability ball cut in half. You will do a variety of core exercises while balancing on the BOSU.

The movements can be added on to the end of a cardio session, according to the Council, or they can stand alone as a workout if you are looking to focus on your abs.

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7. 6-Minute Yoga for Better Abs

This yoga routine, designed by Freytag, who also developed the aforementioned medicine ball workout, can be done as a core workout or added to the end of a cardio session. You will do several simple yoga movements, such as planks and warrior pose.

According to Freytag, the workout can have additional benefits, such as helping reduce back pain and improving sleep. Since you can complete the entire routine twice in six minutes, you might consider trying these exercises right before bed to help you feel more relaxed and healthy before going to sleep.