7 Homemade Baking Mix Gifts Perfectly Packaged in Jars

There is no better way to lend your present a personal touch than by assembling a delightfully festive food or drink mix in a jar. In addition to being budget-friendly, these jarred mixes are truly the gifts that keep on giving — they’re just as fun to open as they are to enjoy hot out of the oven or off the stove! All your recipient needs to do is add a couple of simple ingredients, then bake or cook at home for a fast, fresh, and festive treat.

Read on for seven festive and budget-friendly jar mixes, all of which make wonderful gifts for friends and family during the holidays.

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1. Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies in a Jar

“These jars of cookie mix are great for gifting. They won’t go bad quickly and the cookies come together in a flash,” writes Chattavore. This Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cookie mix in a jar is an especially elegant gift for the holiday season, as no two ingredients seem better suited for a decadent holiday dessert than white chocolate and dried cranberries. Your recipient will be able to enjoy his or her cookies fresh from the oven in just 15 minutes!

Visit Chattavore for the recipe.

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2. Cinnamon Coffee Cake Mix in a Jar

Life at Cobble Hill Farm highlights the convenience factor of these jarred mix gifts, writing: “I love both giving and receiving mixes in jars. They are fantastic to have in the pantry — perfect for a quick dessert.” This Cinnamon Coffee Cake Mix in a jar is an indulgently spiced treat that can be enjoyed with your morning coffee or after a home-cooked dinner. Adding pecans or walnuts will lend a crunchy finish to the final product, a smooth butter-cinnamon cake.

Visit Life at Cobble Hill Farm for the recipe.

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3. Whole-Wheat White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie Cake in a Jar

“Whole-Wheat White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie Cake in a jar is the perfect unique gift so everyone can enjoy a straight from the oven cookie anytime!,” writes The Housewife in Training Files. We’re inclined to agree: Who in their right mind could resist a magnificently nutty and sweet cookie cake that’s ready in minutes? Simply mix up the ingredients, add egg and oil, bake, and enjoy!

Visit The Housewife in Training Files for the recipe.

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4. Hot Chocolate in a Jar

“I love the layered cookie mixes in a jar, and I thought a homemade hot chocolate mix would be absolutely perfect for these cold winter months!” Love Grows Wild writes of this Hot Chocolate in a Jar. But this is more than just your average hot cocoa: The homemade concoction is creamy and rich, with chocolate chips and marshmallows adding to its decadent flavor. Crushed candy canes make a beautiful and slightly refreshing garnish for the mix, which takes just minutes to prepare and yields 7 to 8 servings.

Visit Love Grows Wild for the recipe. 

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5. Gingerbread Cookies in a Jar

“Whether you are planning a winter wedding and you’re looking for adorable DIY favors — or you’re looking for the perfect handmade holiday gift, you can’t go wrong with classic gingerbread,” writes Intimate Weddings. Friends and family will love this festive gift for so many reasons — the cheery presentation and the homemade value, not to mention the delightful gingerbread cookie results. For added charm and convenience, present the gift along with a gingerbread man cookie cutter.

Visit Intimate Weddings for the recipe.

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6. Toffee-Oatmeal Cookies in a Jar

Not only does this Toffee-Oatmeal Cookie mix in a jar make for an irresistible holiday treat, but it’s a snap to assemble at the last minute, as well. “I think it took less than 3 minutes per jar to package, another minute to add the pre-printed label and tie a bow,” writes Following In My Shoes. The result? Mouthwatering and easy-to-make cookies, packed with buttery oats and rich bits of toffee. The recipe yields two dozen cookies and requires only 8 to 9 minutes in the oven before serving.

Visit Following in My Shoes for the recipe.

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7. Peppermint Walnut Blondies in a Jar

“My goal was to create unique and easy Blondie recipes that would also be easy on the budget during an otherwise expensive time of the year,” Oh She Glows writes of this Blondie in a Jar collection. The Peppermint Walnut Blondies are a surefire success for the holidays, combining chocolate chunks and crushed candy canes with chopped walnuts for a delicious and well-textured treat. The gift is easy on your wallet, costing about $3 total.

Visit Oh She Glows for the recipe.

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