7 Innovative Recipes Giving Your Sugar Cookies a Makeover

When it comes to cookie popularity contests, chocolate chip seems to always have an edge over the simple sugared variety. Buttery sugar cookies are delicious and desirable by all accounts, but they tend to lack the flashy allure of those cocoa-studded morsels — or even cinnamon-tinged Snickerdoodle cookies, for that matter.

We think it’s about time that no-fuss sugar cookies got the makeover they deserve. That simple-yet-indulgent base is just begging to be dressed up with toppings, stuffings, and new cooking methods. We’ve gathered 7 amazing recipes here to help you transform standard sugar cookies into decadent desserts, all using just a few simple adjustments.

Sugar Cookie Dough

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1. Nutella and Sea Salt Stuffed Sugar Cookies

“It was only a matter of time before the Nutella weaseled its way into the center of my favorite sugar cookie recipe,” writes Cookin’ Canuck, reflecting on her months and years of Nutella-centric baking. These cookies are loaded with a thick dollop of the chocolate-hazelnut spread, while an added dash of sea salt helps to offset the dish’s sublimely sweet flavors.  The result is a beautifully in a rich, sweet-and-salty snack that practically melts in your mouth.

Visit Cookin’ Canuck for the recipe.

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2. Waffle Iron Sugar Cookies With Vanilla Bean Glaze

You’ll need to taste these Waffle Iron Sugar Cookies With Vanilla Bean Glaze to understand just how phenomenal they are. Not only does this cooking method lend an innovative twist to old-fashioned sugar cookies, but it’s also a great way to cut down on both time and cleanup. Say goodbye to rolling out your dough and laboring endlessly over cookie cutter shapes and sizes. Instead, simply plop some prepared dough into the waffle iron, cook for about 2 minutes, remove, and repeat! “Not only did making them like this not sacrifice any of the buttery taste, it made the perfect little grooves to fill with vanilla bean glaze,” notes The Blonde Buckeye. Try topping them off with ice cream for an added bit of decadence.

Visit The Blonde Buckeye for the recipe.

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3. Funfetti Cookies

These Funfetti Sugar Cookies are inspired by the colorfully packaged cookie and cake mixes, but are made entirely from scratch to yield fresher and more satisfying results. Averie Cooks incorporates almond and vanilla extract into the batter to amp up those wonderfully sugary Funfetti flavors. “I used clear imitation vanilla extract rather than real vanilla extract. This is a recipe where using the cheap stuff is preferred to the real thing because imitation provides a classic, bakery-cake, nostalgic flavor,” Averie Cooks notes. The recipe yields about 15 sweet, pillowy-soft cookies.

Visit Averie Cooks for the recipe. 

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4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Stuffed Sugar Cookies

What could possibly be better than a chocolate chip or a sugar cookie? The answer, of course, is a hybrid of the two. With that revelation comes the next big thing in cookie-making: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Stuffed Sugar Cookies.

“This baking experiment proves that yes, stacking two cutout cookies sandwiched with a dollop of chocolate chip cookie dough bakes up something delicious … In case you didn’t notice, it’s basically like eating three cookies at once,” recipe contributor Jessie Oleson Moore writes on Serious Eats. One bite of this hybrid confection will have you wondering where such decadence has been hiding all your life. The recipe yields about 30 filled cookies.

Visit Serious Eats for the recipe.

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5. Pancake and Bacon Sugar Cookies

“There’s something magical that happens when that sweet maple syrup spills onto crispy bacon, or a bite is taken with a little bit of each element, sweet and salty, on the fork,” writes The Cozy Apron blogger Ingrid Beer of her favorite sweet and savory breakfast: pancakes and bacon. She harnesses the power of that dynamic flavor duo in her soft, chewy Pancake and Bacon Sugar Cookies. Enjoy them as a mid-day snack, a dessert, or even for breakfast — we won’t tell anyone! The recipe yields 40-44 cookies.

Visit The Cozy Apron for the recipe.

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6. Frosted Sugar Cookie Cake Bars

“Today’s recipe is as soft as my favorite soft-baked cookie, as chewy as my favorite blondie, and as sprinkly as my entire cookbook,” Sally’s Baking Addiction explains. These Frosted Sugar Cookie Cake Bars are made with a moist sugar cookie base, enhanced in chewiness with an extra egg yolk and a dash of corn starch. To top it all off, they’re piled high with thick, rich, fluffy vanilla frosting. These tender confections will soon be a mainstay in your baking repertoire!

Visit Sally’s Baking Addiction for the recipe.

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7. Oreo-Stuffed White Chocolate Raspberry Kiss Cookies

“The base for these cookies is absolutely irresistible,” writes Baker Girl. “Here’s a secret: It’s basically vanilla buttercream.” That’s right: This dough combines butter, powdered sugar, vanilla, and egg for a phenomenally thick and moist cookie base — but the fun doesn’t stop there. You’ll stuff your cookie dough with miniature Oreos before baking. After the sweets have baked through, top them off with Hershey’s Raspberry Hugs (or any other bite-sized candy of your choosing). The dish is packed full of chocolatey, buttery bliss, yielding about 3 dozen cookies per batch.

Visit Baker Girl for the recipe.

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