7 Inspired Uses for Chalkboard Paint

Source: iStock

Source: iStock

There’s seemingly no end to the creative ways you can use chalkboard paint. If you need help using chalkboard paint in your house, you might consult with a painter. Check out our top 7 ideas:

1. Wall calendar: Grab some tape and grab some paint. 42 squares later, you’ve got yourself the coolest calendar on the block.

2. Jar labels: Plain jar? Boring. Jar painted with chalkboard paint? Super fun.

3. Perfect pantry door: Did you need rice? Or was it orzo? Make sure your grocery list is up-to-date by painting the inside (or outside) of your pantry door.

4. Kid-proof table: How do you stop a kid from writing on the kitchen table? Make her draw on the coffee table.

5. Chalkboard paint magnets: What do you get when you stick magnets to the back of seven 5″ x 5″ pieces of wood-covered in chalkboard paint? Seven of the coolest magnets you’ve ever seen.

6. Chalkboard drawers: Where did you put those jeans again? Paint the front of your dresser drawers and you’ll never ask yourself that question again. Unless you don’t use a dresser. In which case we can’t help you. (This also works great for kitchen cabinets).

7. Interactive art: Grab some cool stencils, paint them on a few walls, give your guests chalk and let them release their inner Van Gogh.

You might also consider electrostatic or powdercoat paint, which costs about $550 to cover your cabinets with. It’s great for metal cabinets, and you don’t have to worry about overspraying it.

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