8 Mouthwatering Recipes Using Your Leftover Easter Candy

The Easter holiday has once again come and gone, leaving behind baskets and bags full of candy in its wake. Instead of munching on the same aging candy day after day (or chucking the sweets out entirely), satisfy your sweet tooth cravings using a few creative candy makeovers. These 8 recipes will transform leftover Easter snacks from tiresome treats into unforgettable indulgences.

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1. Brown Butter Easter Blondies

Complex may have ranked Cadbury Mini Eggs the “Best Easter Candy Of All Time,” but a bit of creativity in the kitchen will bring these eggs to new heights of greatness. “These soft and chewy blondies have the most amazing flavor thanks to brown butter,” writes Chez Catey Lou. “They are full of candy coated chocolate eggs, making them the perfect treat for Easter!” The chewy, buttery blondie base is wonderfully complemented by the candy crunch of each chocolate egg, making for a festive and fabulous springtime snack.

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2. Jelly Bean Doughnuts

Jelly beans are a quintessential Easter treat, but their rampancy during the holiday season can grow a bit tiring. Luckily, this delicious recipe from Melanie Makes will lend some excitement to those simple sweets. “These Jelly Bean Donuts are bedazzled with spring colored jelly beans and covered with a vanilla sugar glaze,” explains blogger Melanie Bauer. “They’re sure to be a hit with anyone with a sweet tooth!”

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3. Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes

“This Cadbury Creme Egg recipe is super-simple,” writes blogger Amiyrah Martin of 4 Hats And Frugal. “And the best part is that you fill the cupcakes with a delicious spring time treat.” Chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate-creme filling? Sign us up! The unique element of this recipe is the buttery Ritz cracker on the bottom of each cupcake. It lends a crunchy, salty aspect to the dessert, resulting in a dish that your guests will savor with each bite!

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4. Easter Bunny Bait

Cotton candy, raspberry, chocolate, and white chocolate flavors are combined in A Bajillian Recipes’ dish to yield a truly irresistible dessert. “Although white chocolate raspberry and cotton candy don’t sound like an obvious pairing, I was pleasantly surprised at how divine they tasted together,” notes blogger Jillian Hatsumi. “It’s super festive, cute, colorful, sweet, and not surprisingly, addictive!” Your friends and family will love the crunchy, springy texture of the snack’s Cheerio, Chex, and popcorn base.

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5. Peeps S’mores

“When life gives you marshmallows, you make s’mores,” writes Yammie’s Noshery. Although this dish is one of the simplest Easter leftover concepts out there, it’s also one of the most tantalizing. Using Peeps in place of standard marshmallows will add a satisfying bit of sugar-coated texture to each bite. If you don’t have the means to roast your Peeps, simply pop them under the broiler on a cookie sheet. You’ll achieve perfectly gooey results in no time!

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6. Creme and Caramel Egg Bark

Blogger Susan Palmer explains that a purely caramel and creme egg bark might be overly sweet for most people’s taste buds, but the treat is “totally awesome [when] paired with some nice high quality chocolate.” Don’t take her word for it — try the recipe for yourself! Palmer’s dish combines decadent chocolate with crushed Cadbury Creme and Caramel eggs, yielding sensational textures and flavors you won’t be able to resist.

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7. Robin’s Egg Brownies

Indulge in a taste of delectably fudgy brownies using a recipe courtesy of  Trampling Rose. Each bite is studded with gooey, melted chocolate Cadbury Robin’s Egg candies, making for a sweet treat you’ll have to taste to believe! Blogger Rachel Roe notes that “The Robin Eggs stayed crunchy after baking which was kind of nice. It gave a little more bite to the chewy brownies and fluffy frosting.”

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8. Easter Candy Cookies

If you’ve got a variety of leftover sweet treats you’d like to use up, opt for the Kitchen Magpie’s highly adaptable recipe. “I used my thick n’ chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe,” blogger Karlynn Johnston explains. “This recipe makes sure you have delightfully thick cookies to hold all that Easter candy!” Pack this rich, gooey cookie base with your selection of sweet leftover treats: creme eggs, Peep pieces, and more!

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