7 Storage Solutions You Haven’t Thought Of

7 Storage Solutions

Source: DesignMine

One of the most prevalent problems we hear of is how to create more storage. More often than not, homeowners and renters alike feel like they are living in a bubble with a tiny bathroom, small kitchen, and very few storage options. Fear not, as we have come up with seven storage solutions perfect for any-sized home, apartment, or condo.

Maximize Vanity Storage Space

There are hidden gems all around your bathroom and a great place to start is behind your vanity door. To maximize your vanity storage space, you should install a spice rack or shallow caddies behind the door. You are essentially doubling your storage space within your vanity, whether it’s below or above the sink.

Consider a Wall Niche

The “grooming station,” or area near your vanity, sink, and mirror, is the most used space in your bathroom. Therefore, this space needs to be as clean and organized as possible to keep everything running smoothly, especially if you live with a smaller bathroom. Rather than leaving everything piled around the sink, build a wall niche between the studs at the end of your vanity countertop. You add more storage, de-clutter the bathroom and keep your bathroom essentials within arm’s reach of the “grooming station.” Sounds like a winner to me.

Look Above The Door

It may be difficult to reach, but if you’re desperate, adding a shelf above the bathroom door is an easy storage addition to any bathroom. Of course, height will play a huge role in what you store above the door. Think about things you’ll most likely need access to every day—a brush, makeup or razor—and choose to store these somewhere more accessible. Other common bathroom goods like cleaning supplies, extra towels, and toilet paper, however, would be perfect candidates for above-the-door storage.

Go Beneath Your Bathtub

It may sound crazy, but there is storage potential below your bathtub. One of the most popular solutions is to incorporate your bathtub with a pull-down drawer system. With this storage system, you can immediately turn the wasted space into a useful place where you can store all bathroom necessities.

Mobile Island

Source: DesignMine

Install an Island 

Kitchen islands are becoming the norm across the country and beyond. They not only add much-needed counterpace for the avid cooks at home, but they also provide so much extra storage. Given that the average price to remodel a kitchen is just over $17,000, you would think most homeowners and renters would have more than enough storage. Sadly, we need more.

Those of you with a tiny galley kitchen, think about added a mobile island instead. Mobile islands usually come with multiple racks, perfect for housing larger pots and pans. Even better, most come with locking casters, keeping it in place as you chop, dice, and slice. When it’s not in use, just roll it away and store it in the corner or closet.

Think Below the Stairs

There is a ton of storage potential below your staircase. Homeowners across the globe are coming with clever design and storage options under their stairs, turning the once mundane area into a small office, wine wall, or even a powder room. If you’re looking for extra pantry space, the area under the stairs might just be the perfect location. You won’t be able to store fresh produce, but all your canned goods, cereals, and other snacks would welcome a new home.

See some of our favorite under the stairs designs at Bob Vila.

Other Storage Options 

Other than a pantry, there are a variety of storage options below the often-neglected space under your stairs. Most homeowners, if they choose to remodel this space, go with extra cabinets, built-in drawers, or a custom bookcase. Cabinets and drawers will undoubtedly de-clutter the rest of the home, but if you want a design upgrade for your hallway or entry, think about adding a bookcase. It will look fantastic and serve a useful purpose; proving you actually read all your book club novels.

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